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Agaves are monocots – plants with one seed leaf, parallel veins, and flower parts grouped in threes – just like palms, onions and grasses.

Most agaves die after producing a flower stalk and setting seed. However, new agaves most often grow, not from seeds, but from “pups” at the base of the parent plant. Some agaves also reproduce with new plantlets or bulbils on the flower stalk that take root when they fall to the ground.

Agaves occur in Mexico, Central America, the Southern United States, Northern South America, and the West Indies. They are sometimes called “Century Plants” in reference to the amount of time it seems to take for them to bloom. In actuality some agaves under cultivation will bloom in as little as four or five years while other species grown “hard” will indeed live for decades in the garden or in the wild. The estimated average lifespan for the only agave native to the mountains surrounding the Coachella Valley in southeastern California, Agave deserti, is fifty years.

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Botanical Name Common Name Family
Agave americana American Century Plant Asparagaceae
Agave americana var. variegata Variegated Century Plant Asparagaceae
Agave angustifolia Marginata Caribbean Agave Asparagaceae
Agave atrovirens Pulque Agave Asparagaceae
Agave attenuata Foxtail Agave Asparagaceae
Agave avellanidens Calmalli Agave Asparagaceae
Agave bracteosa Squid Agave Asparagaceae
Agave chrysantha Golden-flowered Agave Asparagaceae
Agave cupreata Asparagaceae
Agave decipiens False Sisal Asparagaceae
Agave deserti Desert Agave Asparagaceae
Agave filifera Thread Leaf Agave Asparagaceae
Agave franzosinii Asparagaceae
Agave ghiesbreghtii Asparagaceae
Agave guadalajarana Maguey Chato Asparagaceae
Agave guiengola Cr?me brulee Agave Asparagaceae
Agave gypsophila Gypsiferous Agave Asparagaceae
Agave havardiana Havard’s Agave Asparagaceae
Agave hookeri Hooker’s Agave Asparagaceae
Agave lechuguilla Lechuguilla, Shindagger Asparagaceae
Agave marmorata Asparagaceae
Agave ocahui Ocahui Asparagaceae
Agave parryi var. truncata Artichoke Agave Asparagaceae
Agave parviflora Asparagaceae
Agave pelona Mescal Pelon Asparagaceae
Agave salmiana var. ferox Maguey de Pulque Asparagaceae
Agave scabra Rough Agave Asparagaceae
Agave schottii Shindagger, Schott’s Agave Asparagaceae
Agave sisalana Sisal Agave Asparagaceae
Agave tecta Pulque Agave Asparagaceae
Agave tequilana Tequila Agave Asparagaceae
Agave titanota Asparagaceae
Agave vilmoriniana Octopus Agave Asparagaceae
Agave weberi Maguey Liso, Weber Agave Asparagaceae
Alluaudia procera African Ocotillo Didiereaceae
Antigonon leptopus Coral Vine, Queen’s Wreath Vine Polygonaceae
Beaucarnea recurvata Ponytail Palm Asparagaceae
Brachychiton rupestris Bottle Tree Sterculiaceae
Caesalpinia mexicana Mexican Bird of Paradise Fabaceae
Caesalpinia pumila Copper Bird of Paradise Fabaceae
Dasylirion longissimum Mexican Grass Tree Asparagaceae
Fouquieria splendens Ocotillo Fouquieraceae
Furcraea macdougali Macdougall’s Hemp Asparagaceae
Lysiloma watsonii (syn. Lysoloma thornberi, Lysiloma microphylla thornberi) Feather Bush Fabaceae
Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana Western Honey Mesquite Fabaceae
Prosopis pubescens Screwbean Mesquite Fabaceae
Vachellia farnesiana (syn. Acacia farnesiana) Sweet Acacia Fabaceae
Verbesina encelioides Golden Crownbeard Asteraceae
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