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Bibron’s Gecko

Pachydactylus bibronii


Gekkonidae, the largest gecko family

Conservation Status:

Commonly found


Southern Africa


Arboreal and terrestrial


The Bibron’s gecko has splayed toes with adhesive discs at the tips, enabling it to travel along all surfaces, even upside down on the ceiling – geckos are the only species of lizard that can do this.

They are primarily a nocturnal gecko, they are rarely seen in the day. It is a moderate-sized thick-toed gecko that when fully grown reaches between 6 and 8 inches. It has a stockier build than most other geckos. The color is grey or purplish grey to brown, with four or five wavy, dark brown bands across the back, and scattered white tubercles which extend on to the legs. The tail has a series of nine or ten dark bands which fade as the gecko grows older. The under parts are cream or dull.

If attacked by a predator, usually birds, the Bibron’s gecko sheds its tail quite easily, diverting the predator’s attention in order to escape. A new tail will grow to replace the original one. The species as a whole are fast runners, and tend to run right into bunches of leaves or rock outcroppings to hide.

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