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Egyptian Mastigure

Uromastyx aegyptia


Agamidae, agamid family

Conservation Status:

Vulnerable, IUCN


Sudan and Egypt, through Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Iran and into the Arabian Peninsula


Arid and desert areas


The lizard’s well-armored tail is used as a defensive weapon.

These lizards are referred to as Egyptian Spiny-tailed lizards. They are the largest member of the genus with individuals reaching 30 inches or more in total length and weighing several pounds. Color is usually dark to light brown. Their color can lighten when their body temperature is elevated. They possess a well-armored, spiny tail.

They usually live in large colonies occupying large territories. The large burrows are used over many years and serve as protection for predators and from the extreme conditions. They are active during the day. The first bask to warm but before going out to forage.

Unlike other lizards, the chisel-like teeth of this species are characteristic of agamid lizards and teeth are firmly fused to the jaw bones.

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