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American Association of Zookeepers

The American Association of Zookeepers, Inc., (AAZK) was started in 1967 in San Diego. The organization has grown tremendously, with close to 3,000 members representing animal related facilities in 48 states, 5 Canadian Provinces, and 24 foreign countries. Serving as a professional organization for zookeepers, AAZK is a valuable resource for dedicated animal care workers. Through workshops, conferences, newsletters, and internet forums, AAZK helps animal care staff stay current in husbandry, training, nutrition, and conservation. Well educated keepers using modern techniques means the animals in their care benefit tremendously.

Our own local chapter, The California Desert Chapter of AAZK, was founded in 2004, here at The Living Desert. Our membership includes staff from the Animal, Education, and Garden departments, as well as many docents and general volunteers. By holding events during the season, we’ve been able to raise money to support our local chapter. The garage sale, “Love at the Zoo”, “Grapes for Grevy’s”, Earth Day and other events have all been successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of chapter members. Monies raised have helped send Living Desert zookeepers to AAZK National Conferences, as well as support a variety of local and international conservation efforts.

We have several community events planned throughout the year. Please check back for more information and additions to our lineup, or call 760-346-5694 ext. 2212 for more information.


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