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Coyotes are mid-size canines native to the Coachella Valley. They can adapt to many different habitats including: open country, forests, deserts, agricultural lands and urban developments.

The Living Desert :

  • May be able to rehabilitate injured or orphaned coyotes.
  • Can provide advice on how to “haze“ coyotes.
    • Coyotes may become habituated to humans, sometimes resulting in human-coyote conflicts.
    • Hazing: Using deterrents such as noise, movement, or repellents to discourage a coyote from approaching humans or pets. Hazing coyotes is one part of keeping coyotes wild. Hazing works best when all neighbors cooperate to remove attractants and properly haze coyotes whenever seen.
  • CANNOT relocate or remove coyotes under any circumstance.

How to identify a sick or injured coyote:

  • Bleeding
  • Broken limb/ severe limp
  • Lethargic/disoriented
  • Extreme and/or patchy hair loss (mange)

If you find a coyote pup alone:

  • If the pup is injured: call The Living Desert immediately
  • If the pup is NOT injured and not in a dangerous location: leave the pup alone. The mother is probably nearby, hiding from humans. If the location is unsafe (i.e. near a busy road), call The Living Desert BEFORE taking any action.

Important Information:

  • Coyotes are wild animals. Although they are, by nature, afraid of humans, they will defend themselves when cornered, scared, or injured. It is unsafe to attempt to capture a coyote of any size or temperament. For your safety, The Living Desert urges anyone with a coyote concern to call for information prior to interacting with an injured or orphaned coyote.


Coyote Information:

Tips on protecting pets and discouraging coyotes from being attracted to your neighborhood:

Information about safely hazing coyotes:
Call The Living Desert 760-568-2330​ for more information.

Why removing coyotes creates more problems:

General information about coyotes:

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