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Other Small Mammals

Foxes, and Other Small Mammals

The Living Desert accepts orphaned and injured foxes, or other small mammals. Please call The Living Desert Wildlife Rehabilitation line at 760-568-2330 before bringing in any of these orphaned or injured animals.

Always use precautions when approaching a fox. Do not handle adult foxes. If you find a sick or injured fox, call animal control or your local authorities immediately.

Orphaned Foxes
If you find a young fox that is alone and uninjured, leave it alone. Its mother is probably nearby, hiding from humans. If you find an injured baby fox, please call your local animal control or The Living Desert Wildlife Rehabilitation line at 760-568-2330 immediately.

Do not offer foxes food or water. Feeding an orphaned fox the wrong food could have devastating effects.

Foxes and other wild mammals are illegal to keep as pets in California.

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