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The Living Desert accepts native injured or orphaned rodent species into our Wildlife Rehabilitation facility.

Please call The Living Desert prior to bringing in any rodent species. Species that are not native to the Coachella Valley will be euthanized.

If you are unsure of the species of rodent, please call The Living Desert Wildlife Rehabilitation line at 760-568-2330.

How to identify an injured rodent:

  • Bleeding
  • Animal attack
  • Lethargic
  • Broken limb

What to do with the injured rodent or orphaned rodent (with closed eyes):

  • Touch the rodent as little as possible. Be aware that certain rodent species act as a vector for
  • various diseases.
  • Obtain an escape-free box with air holes
  • Line the box with a soft material like tissue or toilet paper
  • Keep the box in a quiet, dark place
  • Keep warm but not hot
  • Transport the rodent to an animal rehabilitator immediately

Do not offer injured or orphaned rodents food or water. Feeding an orphaned rodent the wrong food may have devastating effects. If it is after hours and you have to keep an adult rodent overnight, you may offer it water in a bottle lid. Transport this rodent the following day.

Wild rodents do not make good pets. It is illegal to keep wild animals (including native rodents) as pets.

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