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The Living Desert App and Tour

The Living Desert App and Tour

Did you know…the size of a giraffe’s tongue correlates with its height? If a giraffe is
18 feet tall, its tongue could be up to 18 inches long! If a giraffe is 12 feet tall, then
its tongue could be up to 12 inches long!

What do meerkats and Tony Soprano have in common? They both hang out in
mobs and could do with a little less cholesterol.

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Don’t miss out on the extra fun! Download The Living Desert’s FREE app for access
to fun facts and special features! Plus, behind-the-scenes peels at some of your favorite
animals, as well as learning about what makes The Living Desert such an important place
for conservation. The FREE app is perfect for kids and adults, and features:

– Fun Audio Tour Stops
– Behind-the-Scenes video
– Step Tracker
– Location-aware map
– Augmented Reality experiences, and more!

Download the app for FREE today!

In the App Store/Google Play, search: The Living Desert

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