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Tanzania with Mike – Day Five

Day Five: More Tarangire National Park After yesterday’s sightings of cheetah and realizing that only 11 resided in the park, I was ready to look for them again in the same location. Up at the crack of dawn, Boni and I setout to the site along the Tangirie River we saw them last. Along the way, laying next to its borrow was the fuzziest bat eared fox in the world (in my expert opinion). The elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, buffalo, waterbuck, zebra, and countless gazelles, grassed and drank for the diminishing waterholes along the way. As we approached the river, I saw one, two, then four cheetah, jumping across the tiny […]

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Tanzania with Mike – Day One

Day one: Today I’m flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania, via Amsterdam. There wasn’t a direct flight from Palm Springs International! Over the next week I’ll be sharing on-going conservation and education action The Living Desert supports through the WNI (Wild Nature Institute) in Tanzania. Please bear with me, as this is my first attempt at a blog and I’m super excited to be in Africa. First, let me tell you a little about Tanzania. Tanzania is in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean and eight countries, between Kenya to the north and Mozambique to the south. It’s about twice the size of California. Tanzania is also one of the […]

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On the Road with RoxAnna – Day 10

On the Road with RoxAnna Day Ten Today is my travel day home from this long adventure, back to California I go.  This will be the last post in this series.  I hope you have enjoyed going on this adventure with me.  It was quite the experience and I am coming home with lots of stories.  Traveling to new places is always inspiring and eye opening.  I love seeing other cultures, speaking with people from all over the world but it is always nice to get home.  Traveling is good for the soul as you are allowed to experience other cultures and ways of life.  For me, it also makes […]

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On the Road with RoxAnna – Day 9

On the Road with RoxAnna Day Nine Last day in Senegal, Africa included a quite long bus ride, one interesting pit stop, a lovely fresh fish lunch and lots of hugs good byes to new and old friends.  The goodbyes were more like until we see you again or I will email you.  I felt privileged to be around these minds this week, amazing conservationists from all over the globe working on incredibly challenging projects with the goal of saving animals from extinction.  But as my friend and colleague said to the group at the close of the meetings, if it were not for the people in these meetings, some […]

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On the Road with RoxAnna – Day 8

On the Road with RoxAnna Day Eight I thought today I would list out a bunch of things that have been note-worthy or curious about being in Senegal.  Here it goes:   TV is in French.- My francais is better but I will keep practicing. It’s still better than my Spanish. Money is in CIFA- I am not even sure I am spelling that right. Postage is not easy to find.  Sending one postcard, we’ll see how long it takes to get home. A recycling plant would make a killing here with all the plastic rubbish.  (That’s how the Brits say trash.) Bottle water is a necessity if you are […]

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On the Road with RoxAnna – Day 7

On the Road with RoxAnna Day Seven We humans are a funny species   Traveling to places you have never been before can be exciting, inspiring and enlightening. Seeing and experiencing other cultures gives you a whole new outlook on the world, life and humans. We tend to get wrapped up in our little bubbles and just see our little pieces of the world. When you travel outside of your bubble you can be surprised by what you see. As I look around at the people of Senegal and see how they live, it is easy to see why Americans can have the reputation of being spoiled. Quite frankly, a […]

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