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Columnar Cacti of Mexico Garden

This pocket garden is planted with many different species of columnar cacti from Mexico with a visit, ultimately, providing a cathedral-esque experience of vertical columns.

The rounded shape of the succulent stems is an adaptive strategy offering a lower surface to volume ratio which keeps more of the plants mass protected from the sun and drying winds.

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Botanical Name Common Name Family
Agave americana American Century Plant Asparagaceae
Agave salmiana var. ferox Maguey de Pulque Asparagaceae
Ageratina havanensis Shrubby Boneset Asteraceae
Cephalocereus apicicephalium Cactaceae
Cephalocereus chrysacanthus Cactaceae
Cephalocereus maxonii Cactaceae
Cephalocereus palmeri Woolly Torch Cactus Cactaceae
Cephalocereus quadricentralis Cactaceae
Cephalocereus senilis Old Man Cactus Cactaceae
Cereus grenadensis Cactaceae
Condalia globosa Bitter Candalia Rhamnaceae
Dalea formosa Feather Dalea Fabaceae
Dalea frutescens Black Dalea Fabaceae
Dalea greggii Trailing Smoke Bush Fabaceae
Dalea pulchra Bush Dalea Fabaceae
Dalea versicolor var. sessilis Wislizenus Dalea Fabaceae
Dasylirion longissimum Mexican Grass Tree Asparagaceae
Escontria chiotilla Jiotilla Cactaceae
Hylocerus undatus Dragon Fruit Cactaceae
Isolatocerus dumortieri Candelabra Cactaceae
Jatropha cinerea Lomboy Euphorbiaceae
Myrtillocactus cochal Cochal Cactaceae
Myrtillocactus geometrizans Garambullo, Blue Candle Cactaceae
Myrtillocactus schenckii Cactaceae
Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides Cactaceae
Neobuxbaumia polylopha Golden Saguaro Cactaceae
Neobuxbaumia scoparia Cactaceae
Neobuxbaumia tetetzo Cactaceae
Nolina longifolia Long Leaf Nolina Asparagaceae
Nyctocereus oaxacensis Cactaceae
Pachycereus marginatus Mexican Fence Post Cactaceae
Pachycereus pectin-aboriginum Etcho, Cardon-barbon Cactaceae
Pachycereus schottii f. monstrosus Totem Pole Cactus Cactaceae
Pachycereus weberi Candelabra, Cardon, Cardon Espinoso Cactaceae
Pilosocereus leucocephalus Woolly Torch, Old Man Cactus Cactaceae
Pilosocereus royenii Royen’s Tree Cactus Cactaceae
Polaskia chende Chende Cactaceae
Polaskia chichipe Chichipe Cactaceae
Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba, Goatnut Simmondsiaceae
Stenocereus beneckii Cactaceae
Stenocereus chrysocarpus Cactaceae
Stenocereus griseus Pitayo de Mayo Cactaceae
Stenocereus kerberi Cactaceae
Stenocereus marginatus Mexican Fence Post Cactaceae
Stenocereus pruinosus Pitayo de Mayo, Pitayo de Octubre Cactaceae
Stenocereus querataroensis Cactaceae
x Pacherocactus orcuttii Cactaceae
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