The Living Desert
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Land Management and Acquisition

Properties of the Living Desert:
The Living Desert manages 1,200 acres at its primary site. 80 acres are developed for desert exhibition and interpretation. The other 1,120 acres are preserved as undisturbed, pristine Sonoran desert scrub. Topographically, the area includes a smoke tree arroyo and granite boulder mantled slopes to the Santa Rosa Mountains.

Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary and Wildlife Preserve:
In 2017 through the Jaguar SSP and the Belize Audubon Society, The Living Desert financially supported the reestablishment of the Juan Branch Warden Station in the preserve in order to better manage illegal activity and intrusion into the Sanctuary. The Cockscomb Basin Jaguar Sanctuary is the work’s first jaguar sanctuary containing about 80 jaguars in the 128,000 acre preserve.

Securing a Home for the Thick-billed Parrot:
The thick-billed parrot was the last of two parrot species extirpated from the United States. Now only living in the Sierra Madre of Mexico, they are in need of help. In 2014, The Living Desert financially supported the efforts of the World Parrot Trust in securing important breeding grounds.

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