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Sustainable Use

The Living Desert Green Team

TLD established a “Green Team” in 2009 with the intent of developing a road map for the greening of TLD. Starting as a “not as Green as it could be” Living Desert. The road we choose was: Communicate and demonstrate well the “how” and “why” to be green at The Living Desert. Maintain our willingness and enthusiasm to be green. Build our potential to be a leader in green practices and information. Achieve our potential as a recycler. Provide sufficient resources to be greener. Optimize our ability to be a local community leader. Utilize the new opportunities and emerging technologies in the world. Look for and implement business opportunities for greening The Living Desert. Create, maintain, and stimulate momentum. Allocate funds and spend! Destination: The Greening of The Living Desert.

Some examples of TLD’s daily green practices are: conserves water – only using as needed, uses energy saving CFL light bulbs, uses motion detectors in office space, turns off lights each day, uses Energy Star equipment , uses low-flow toilets and automatic sinks, cleans lighting fixtures regularly to optimize lighting, employees car pool, uses recycled paper in copier and fax, uses green cleaning supplies, purchases from local food vendors, purchases from local retail vendors, recycle bins in use in office, recycle bins in use in store / Café, recycle bins in use in stockrooms, recycles cardboard, recycles plastic packaging items, minimizes printing of documents, uses reusable or recyclable plates and utensils, has proper disposal of recycled and non-recycled goods, recycles batteries and electronics, and provides proper waste reduction training to all staff.
The focus for 2017 / 2018 is on moving TLD towards being a zero-waste facility culminating in a zero waste Earth Day event in 2018. The composting of all animal waste, spent hay and food scrapes will be the biggest goal.

Resource Use Monitoring and Recycling

The Living Desert monitors and submeters its use of electricity and generates an estimated 13,000 kilowatt hours per year from solar panels. The Living Desert monitors and submeters its water use and stays below 40% of our annual CVWD water budget. In 2016, The Living Desert recycled 46 tons green waste for biomass energy production. 124 pieces fluorescent bulbs, 65 lbs. alkaline batteries, 59.8 lbs. aluminum cans, 836 lbs. plastic bottles, 4,042 lbs. glass bottles and 423 pieces of electronics. Our food concessionaire local sources all of our produce, seafood, beef, beer, wine, tamales, and bread. They also use biodegradable plates, bowls, cups and flatware. In 2017 / 2018 TLD is trying to move close to being a zero waste facility.

Seafood Watch:
Since 2017, The Living Desert became a conservation partner with the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the Seafood Watch program. This program promotes sustainable fisheries through consumer choice.

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