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Data Administrator/Analysis

Job Title:        Data Administrator/Analysis
Division:         Finance
Department:   Impacts all departments
Level:              Compensation level
Exemption:     Exempt = Salaried

Level of Authority:
Reports to:                     Director of Finance
Supervises:                   N/a

Position Summary:  This position is responsible for the integrity of all data within the The Living Desert’s databases.

Specific Tasks: 

  1. Ensure data is secured, accurate and between databases
  2. Ensure users are properly trained with recording data.
  3. Provide datamining for desired information to the organization.
  4. Develop data model describing data elements and how they are used.
  5. Develop methods for integrating different software so they work properly together, such as customizing commercial databases to fit specific needs.

These specific tasks should not be interpreted as all inclusive.  It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job.  The employee may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification.

Equipment Used:  Computer, phone and two-way radio.

Specific Skills: Analytical in nature. Proficiency or working knowledge of databases and their architecture; computer software and software tools; excellent communication skills.  Good working relationships with all levels of employees.

  • Microsoft Office (including but not limited to Access, Excel, Power BI, MS Dynamics)
  • DonorPerfect (Desired)
  • Galaxy Gateway Point of Sale (Desired)
  • Galaxy CRM+ (Desired)
  • Blackbaud Financial Edge (Desired)
  • Tableau (Desired)

Physical Position Description:

ESSENTIAL PHYSICAL TASKS:  Able to sit at one position at great lengths of time in front of computer screens.

TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS: Working in an office environment – no unusual exposures.

HOLIDAY/EVENING WORK:  This position may require after hours, weekend and holiday work.

TRAVEL:  Little to no travel.  Travel for training.

Qualifications: MUST know SQL.

MINIMUM EDUCATION/CERTIFICATION REQUIRED:  BS in Computer Science or other related field, desired.

MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Three years data analysis/administration.

SKILLS REQUIRED:  Ability to work with fellow workers to understand user needs and explain data relationships.

OTHER:  CA Driver’s license; insurability.

To apply for this position: Qualified applicants must send resume to Dwight Middendorf, Director of Finance at .

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