Things to Do and See at The Living Desert

Eagle Canyon

At Eagle Canyon, experience the meeting of the subtropical desert scrublands and the temperate forested mountains. Desert canyons are special places. They bring the life giving water gathered by the high mountains and funnel this water into the arid desert basins below. Along the way come plants and animals that cannot live solely in the desert with its sparse and infrequent water.

At Eagle Canyon you can view our golden eagles, whose noble presence names this unique immersion exhibit. Come face-to-face with a mountain lion as it prowls along its territory or lounges high on cliff ledges. Watch a bobcat sit quietly in the canyon shrubs, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey.

Meet a badger, shy swift foxes and cacomistles, and watch javelinas rout for food. Delight in a profusion of color in the walk-through aviary filled with canyon land birds and catch a glimpse of the rare Mexican wolves that sit with watchful gaze from atop their ridge top retreat.