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Adult Volunteer Program

Adult Volunteers will fulfill a variety of roles throughout the park, such as working in the Petting Kraal, the Discovery Center, as a tour guide in our Tennity Wildlife Hospital, helping with our train exhibit, or the retail nursery, just to name a few.

Volunteers are trained to interact in many ways with our guests, young and old. Interpreting our animals, plants, and interactive carts are some of the ways volunteers educate guests about our fascinating desert. The volunteers’ role is to educate our guests, leading to an appreciation of deserts, with hopes of preserving it for future generations. Our volunteers are the primary link between our guests and the zoo.

Active Volunteers enjoy a number of benefits, including discounts in our retail venues, volunteer trips and hiking opportunities, tuition discounts for Living Desert University courses, continuing education and behind-the-scenes updates, access to Docent Library, annual volunteer party, and other social activities.

All Volunteers must have an active membership at The Living Desert. Click here for a Membership Application.

If you are interested in becoming a General Volunteer at The Living Desert, you must first complete a Volunteer Application to apply for volunteer service. All new volunteers must attend a one-time, 2-hour Open House followed by a one-on-one interview with the FOLD (Friends of The Living Desert) Volunteer Program Manager to discuss potential assignments. Open House sessions are held 5 times per year. If accepted, all volunteers generally commit to assisting one 3-4 hour shift per week on a regular basis.

Scheduled 2018/2019
New-Volunteer Open House:
Place: Hoover Auditorium, Education Center

October 2nd, 9am-11am

November 8th, 9am-11am

January 9th, 9am-11am

February 4th, 9am-11am

April 2nd, 9am-11am

General Volunteer Programs

General Volunteer Programs

General Volunteer Programs

General Volunteer Programs

For specific questions or to sign up for an Open House, please call our Volunteer Office at 760-346-5694, ext. 2503 or send an e-mail to

• Enjoy people and interacting with others
• Be willing to complete training and demonstrate comprehension of information and techniques
• Have an established interest in nature, or the willingness to learn
• Have an open mind that is ready to learn and experience new things
• Be willing to represent The Living Desert in a friendly and professional manner
• Be able to communicate clearly and calmly
• Be able to model respect for the animals and the desert ecosystem
• Be responsible, committed, punctual, flexible and neat in appearance
• Have free time to devote to the job

• Complete and submit the Volunteer Application
• Pay a background check and materials fee
• Pass a standard background check
• Be a member of The Living Desert
• Complete all required training for assigned duties
• Purchase volunteer shirt

Apply Now

For specific questions, please call our Volunteer Office at 760-346-5694, ext. 2503 or send an email to

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