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For $450 The Living Desert will bring 5 live animals, music, as well as props for a 45 minute assembly for no more than 300 students. Students are encouraged to participate and a few lucky students will be invited to come up and experience W.O.W. with the educators and animals.*Additional back-to-back programs at the same location may be booked at a discount of $325.

Desert Dwellers: Students get the opportunity to learn about life on the desert by meeting animal ambassadors from around the world who call the desert their home and gain an understanding of how these remarkable animals are able to survive.

Wild America: Learn just how exciting the deserts of America really are and it’s only just outside! Students will meet desert animals that are only found here in the Americas, from birds to reptiles and mammals!

W.O.W. cannot guarantee specific animals for any event; however, we will do our very best to accommodate requests.

To contact us call or email:
(760)346-5694 ext. 2520

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