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School Programs

Let your school become a place of W.O.W and an outlet for connections to the natural world!


The classroom program is an interactive, age/grade appropriate, 45 minute program that includes live animals and a professional animal keeper/educator. Classroom size may be no larger than 30 students.

Feathers, Fur and Scales (Pre K- 2nd)

Discover what’s what in the animal world. What makes an animal a bird, mammal or reptile? You’ll find out by meeting all three!

Desert Adaptations (3rd-5th)

The desert is a thriving habitat and animals of the desert find ways to survive: they find water in remarkable places, hunt food that we as humans don’t find tasty, they can live in houses that are made out of odd structures with spikes and many have some wild adaptations to aid in their survival.

Endangered Species (6th-12th)

There are many animals of the desert that are on the brink of extinction. There are ways you can help and the staff of the Living Desert with their animal ambassadors can show you how. They help you to understand the threats that put animals onto that Endangered species list.

Create your own topic

Don’t see the topic you want? Contact us and we’ll try to meet your needs as best as possible.

School Assembly

Assemblies can accommodate up to 300 students and include an average of 5 live animals, as well as sound system set up (if needed), biofacts/props and an animal training demonstration or talk. Students will be encouraged to participate throughout the assembly and, when appropriate, to touch, feed, or otherwise interact with the animals. Assemblies are 45 Minutes long.

Desert Dwellers

Students get the opportunity to learn about life on the desert by meeting animal ambassadors from around the world who call the desert their home and gain an understanding of how these remarkable animals are able to survive.

Wild America

Learn just how exciting the deserts of America really are and it’s only just outside! Students will meet desert animals that are only found here in the Americas, from birds to reptiles and mammals!

Create your own topic

Don’t see the topic you want? Contact us and we’ll try to meet your needs as best as possible.

Partial scholarships are available this year, for school programs in the following districts: Desert Sands, Coachella Valley, and Palm Springs. Scholarships cover up to $200 of the cost of a classroom program and up to $250 of the cost of an assembly program. You are encouraged to apply when registering online.

Cancellation and Reschedule policy

Cancellations received with less than 14 days notice will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. Any schedule changes made with less than 14 days notice are subject to cancellation by The Living Desert and a $50 fee. If there are unsafe conditions at the event that cannot be resolved, WOW may leave the event prior to its scheduled time.

To contact us call (760)712-3848 ext. 2520 or email

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