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Desert Conservation Speaker Series

Desert Conservation Speaker Series

November 7, 2017

12pm - 1:30pm

Desert Conservation Speakers Series

September 25 – November 7
Noon to 1:30 pm

Tennity Boardroom, Chase Administration Building at The Living Desert

$15 Conservation Luncheon
$50 for all 4

Learn about our global conservation impacts!

The Living Desert’s efforts and impacts go far beyond our gates. We’re a globally recognized leader in the conservation of desert species worldwide. Learn first-hand about some of the conservation programs we support directly, through collaboration or via funding at our new Desert Conservation Speakers Series!

Price includes a box lunch, a welcome and introduction by The Living Desert’s CEO/President, Allen Monroe, and a presentation by a representative from a conservation organization. Seats are limited to 60 people and we’re offering this first to The Living Desert members only!


November 7
Deon Cilliers
Cheetah Outreach

The Living Desert is a supporter of South Africa-based Cheetah Outreach and its education and community-based guard dog program to promote coexistence between cheetah and livestock owners.

Deon joined the Cheetah Outreach team in June 2013 as Livestock Guarding Dog Manager, East Territory. Armed with a National Diploma and MSc in Nature Conservation, he has vast experience working in wildlife conservation. As project manager for the eastern territory of the Livestock Guarding Dog (LGD) Project, he will be placing and monitoring Anatolians on livestock and game farms in the Limpopo Province, a natural distribution range for wild cheetah.


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