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World Giraffe Day – Desert Style

World Giraffe Day – Desert Style

December 21, 2017

8:30am - 2pm

The shortest day of the year is the perfect day to celebrate the tallest species and World Giraffe Day – Desert Style at The Living Desert on December 21.

8:30am – 9:30am: Visitors to The Living Desert are invited to immerse themselves in the giraffe habitat and climb and explore the savannah, just like the giraffe. They will learn about giraffe and threats to their populations.

9:15am & Noon: Juma the Giraffe Storytelling at the Discovery Center

10am -2:30pm: Giraffe feedings ($6 non members; $4 members)

2:30pm: Keeper chat at the debut of the Giraffe conservation and care center where the public will be able to view medical check-ups and basic giraffe care.

Giraffes will be available as part of the Zoo’s animal adoption program. For $50, adopters will receive a giraffe stuffed animal, certificate, photo and fact sheet.

The Living Desert is home to a herd of eight giraffes. Year of the Giraffe and World Giraffe Day – Desert Style activities help raise awareness and conservation efforts for giraffes. Their population has declined nearly 80% since the 1990s. There are estimated to be fewer than 100,000 remaining in the wild, making giraffe one of the world’s most endangered large mammals.

Activities, unless otherwise noted, are free with admission – donations will be accepted to assist with giraffe conservation.

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