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It’s True! We’re Not Kitten… It’s a Cub!

LIVE feed from Jaguar den


Today, February 9th, The Living Desert’s animal care and veterinary staff performed the first well-baby exam for the jaguar cub born January 26.
The exam included evaluating the cub’s overall development and listening to its lungs and heart.

“The jaguar cub’s well-baby exam confirmed the cub is healthy and developing at the expected rate, weighing in at 2.180 kilograms (4.806 pounds),” said Dr. Kevin Leiske, Veterinarian at The Living Desert. “Mom and cub are bonding well, and we will continue to monitor both for their continued progress.”

The Living Desert still has tentative plans to host a Facebook LIVE gender reveal on Saturday, February 11 at 9:30 a.m.; guests are invited to tune in via Facebook or come to the park for the reveal.

The cub is the second litter born to mother, Magia, and father, Memo.

Guests are encouraged to check-in on mother and cub 24/7 via the live JagCam located at

Magia and the cub will remain off-exhibit for a couple of months.


The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is thrilled to announce the birth of a jaguar cub as the newest addition to the zoo born January 26 to mother, Magia, and father, Memo.

Animal care experts had been on maternity watch since early January, awaiting a possible birth. In preparation, the jaguar den was arranged in the off-exhibit area and was made complete with installation of a new jaguar cam. Staff have been able to closely monitor Magia and her cub’s development, and now the public can join in the viewing too.

Later this week, animal care and veterinary staff have plans for a well-baby exam– assessing its weight, sex and development. And, in the upcoming weeks, a comprehensive medical exam including vaccinations will be scheduled for the cub.

This is Magia’s second litter; the first, twin boys, Rico and Tesoro, were born April 27, 2014. Seven year old mom, Magia, came to the Living Desert in March 2011 from Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, TX; and six year old dad, Memo, came to The Living Desert in April 2013 from Parque Summit in Panama.

A Facebook LIVE gender reveal event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 11 – guests are encouraged to visit the park or join online. And, guests at the zoo’s upcoming Zoobilee Gala, held on March 4, will have the opportunity to name the cub as part of the live auction, with all proceeds benefitting the zoo’s education and conservation programs.

Jaguars are the largest native cat to the Americas, and the only “roaring” cat in North America. Their present range extends from the Southwestern United States and Mexico into Central and South America. Currently listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), as Near Threatened, their main threats are habitat loss and fragmentation of wild areas along with human persecution. Identified by their rosette style spots, jaguars are a solitary animal weighing between 100 to 250 pounds. The gestation period for jaguars lasts between 90-110 days, with the cubs staying with mom for up to two years.

Magia and the cub will be off-exhibit for a couple months; however, visitors to The Living Desert will see Memo on exhibit and receive cub updates during the daily 9:30am jaguar keeper chat.

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