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Mojave Maxine Emergence Contest

Mojave Maxine Emergence Contest

Mojave Maxine is Getting Ready – Are You Getting Ready?!

Mojave Maxine, the desert tortoise in the Mojave Desert Garden exhibit, is starting to prepare for her annual brumation (reptilian hibernation).Brumation is how desert tortoises and other desert reptiles survive the cold winters – they sleep through them in their insulated, underground burrows. Maxine and her desert tortoise roommates typically enter brumation around Thanksgiving. Their bodies know when to go to sleep based on the outside temperatures and the change in daylight hours.

Once Maxine enters brumation, The Living Desert will launch its annual Mojave Maxine Contest. Students (K-12) in nine southern California counties have the opportunity to guess when Maxine will emerge from brumation in the spring. The winning student who guesses closest to the day and time of her emergence in each of the nine southern California counties will receive gift certificates for themselves and their teachers, t-shirts for their entire class, and a visit from a live desert tortoise!


Mojave Maxine emerging earlier this year on February 18.

Last year, over 1,200 students participated in our contest – and we hope to see that number increase this year! So, get ready with those guesses and spread the word about Mojave Maxine.

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