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Ocotillo Garden

The ocotillo and its family, the Fouquieriaceae, compromise eleven species of intriguing plants. Their relation to the rest of the plant world remains a mystery to be discovered.

They grow from the dry rocky hillsides of the Coachella Valley, west as far as the mesquite grasslands of the Central Mexican Plateau and south to the tropical deciduous forests and tropical scrub of Southern Mexico.

Some species are small woody shrubs, many are shrubby trees and one, the Boojum tree, Fouquieria columnaris, is a tall (15-25 meters) conical column supported by its own water pressure.

The species collected here show both the diversity and the uniformity of this remarkable plant family.

Botanical Name Common Name Family
Fouquieria burragei Ocotillo Blanco Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria columnaris Boojum, Cirio Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria diguettii Adam’s Tree, Palo Adan Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria fasciculata Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria leonilae Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria macdougalii Mexican Tree Ocotillo Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria purpusii Mexican Bottle Tree Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria shrevei Fouquieraceae
Fouquieria splendens Ocotillo Fouquieraceae
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