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Plan Your Visit

Daily activities:

Check our Daily Program Schedule for updated events, programs, or demonstrations.

Timing is important:

In the desert, the morning can begin quite cool, but by noon, temperatures may be uncomfortable. It is recommended that you allow 3-4 hours to see the park and participate in some of the daily activities.

The best time to see your favorite animals:

Visitors who come to The Living Desert in the early morning are in for some delightful surprises! In the cool of the morning, most of the animals on exhibit are at their peak activity. Playing, some eating breakfast, catching the wind for the scent of other nearby animals, stretching and prowling. As the day warms up, so do the birds of prey, fanning out their huge marvelous wings to the sun. The tortoises and lizards come out of their hiding places to feel the gentle warmth. Warthogs and javelinas rout and romp in the morning hours, contentedly grunting during nap time in the midday sun. Meerkats seem to play all afternoon, each taking a turn being the lookout, while the others scamper about. Late afternoon is the wake up call to nocturnal creatures. The cheetahs often climb to the top of their ridge and majestically watch the sun set.


Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes, preferably closed toe. Dress accordingly to the season. Summer days can reach well above 100 degrees F / 37 degrees C. Even though most visitors think less clothing means cooler body temperatures, this is not true. Long sleeve 100% cotton shirts are the best to keep you cool. Allowing sweat to completely evaporate from your skin will make you hotter and dehydrate quicker. Hats, sunscreen, even an umbrella is recommended for all seasons. Winter day temperatures sometimes warrant a jacket or sweater. For the health, safety and comfort of all guests, shirts and footwear must be worn at all times. Provocative, revealing, or offensive clothing and bathing suits are prohibited. Disguises, costumes, or articles of clothing that conceal a visitor’s identity are also prohibited. Park admission may be denied if clothing is deemed by management to be inappropriate.



Don’t forget your camera. The animals and gardens at The Living Desert and the surrounding vistas present some breathtaking photo opportunities. Film and disposable cameras are for sale in the gift shops.


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