The Living Desert
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African Desert

Africa has some of the most dramatic deserts in the world. The names Sahara, Sahel, Namib, Kalahari, and the Horn of Africa conjure a vision of Africa’s arid lands.

The animal habitats and gardens in the African area of the Living Desert provide a glimpse of this splendor. You can see some of the most endangered animals in the world. There are only a handful of slender-horned gazelles left in the Sahara, but The Living Desert has one of the best zoo-based breeding colonies in the world. Recently, addax born at the Living Desert were reintroduced to an area of Tunisia’s Grand Erg at the edge of the Sahara, adding to the numbers and populations of this nearly extinct African antelope.

There are many other African animals at The Living Desert such as hornbills, weaver finches, meerkats, rock hyrax, warthog, sand cat, fennec fox, giraffe and ostrich, the endangered cheetah and Cuvier’s gazelle, and the rare Grevy’s Zebra.

Exotic African plants are also part of our arid African landscapes, from 30 species of acacia to bizarre kokerbooms.

Everything from A to Z can be found in the African exhibits at The Living Desert. Enjoy your safari!



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