The Living Desert
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Animal Chats

Keeper Chats

Get the inside scoop on all The Living Desert’s residents from the people closest to the animals. Keepers share insights and anecdotes about their charges in these up-close-and-personal presentations on various animals around the zoo. Locations change daily, so please check the Welcome Center for more information.

Giraffe Chat

What’s as tall as a two-story building, can hear sounds through brush and buildings, and see a leaf move from a mile away? The Living Desert has all the tidbits on the tallest animal on the planet. Join us for an opportunity to feed our giraffe herd and learn about this amazing animal. Times vary seasonally, so please check the Daily Program Schedule for more information.

Animal Encounters

Don’t miss the chance to meet some of our smaller residents. Hedgehogs, snakes, fox, frogs, owls, and other birds of prey are just a few of the animals you can meet, touch, and learn about in these fascinating personal encounters with our desert residents. Times vary seasonally, so please see the Daily Program Schedule for more information.




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