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Lorikeets – Winged Wonders

Lorikeets – Winged Wonders


Winged Wonders

Experience a free-flying colorful spectacle with Lorikeets: Winged Wonders at The Living Desert. Get up close to these beautiful and unique members of the parrot family. Native to Australia, Southeast Asia and Pacific Islands, lorikeets are known for their dramatic colors and unique brush-like tongue. Unlike most parrots, the lorikeet prefers nectar over seeds, and The Living Desert is excited to offer our guests the opportunity to feed these beautiful pollinators. Nectar cups will be available for purchase, and guests will be able to feed the birds. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to feed – the lorikeets may even land on your hand, arm, shoulder or even head to get a sip of sweet nectar!

The Lorikeets: Winged Wonders aviary will feature six sub-species of lorikeets and two sub-species of lories, with a grand total of over 60 birds. The most common residents will be the green-naped and blue mountain (Sawinson) lorikeets, which will stand out with their wide range of rainbow colors.

Open Daily, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Members $2 entrance $3 nectar cup
Non-Members $3 entrance $3 nectar cup

Lorikeets at the living desert

What is a Lorikeet?

Lories and lorikeets are colorful members of the parrot family that are adapted to feeding on the nectar and pollen of trees like eucalyptus and melaleuca. Oftentimes referred to as honeyeaters or brush-tongue parrots, they are known for the tiny hair-like structures on their tongues that assist them in gathering up nectar from a flower in addition to their dramatic coloring – a true rainbow of colors. As birds feed, pollen brushes against the birds’ forehead and throat and is spread to other flowers accomplishing their ecological role as pollinators of those flowers. Their strong feet and flexible legs allow them to hang from the tiniest of branches in order to reach the desired flowers.

Lories and lorikeets are only found in Australia, the islands of Southeast Asia and some of the Pacific Islands. They range from the size of a small parakeet to the size of a medium sized parrot. The names lory and lorikeet do not refer to a taxonomic difference. Generally, the smaller species with the proportionally longer, more pointed tail are referred to as lorikeets, and the larger birds with the more squared off tails are lories.

The Total Adventure Package

Total Adventure Package (TAP) includes several unlimited adventures throughout the zoo, saving guests both time and money. The TAP includes unlimited access to giraffe feedings, lorikeet admission and feedings, camel rides (camel ride photo not included), and carousel rides.

Available for purchase at the front entrance admission window from 7am – 2pm.
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Total adventure package main

Non-members $20
Members $18
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