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Village WaTuTu

Explore a new world . . .Take a Safari without leaving the desert!

The Living Desert’s Village WaTuTu is an authentic replica of a village found in northeast Africa. Mud-walled huts with grass-thatched roofs circle a shady Elder’s Grove where you can hear the rhythmic sounds of Africa. Or you can listen as master storytellers weave spellbinding tales of African and Native American folklore.

Enter into the Petting Kraal and groom a Nigerian dwarf goat. Experience other domestic livestock of Africa such as Ankole cattle, Sicilian dwarf donkeys, and  Nigerian dwarf goats. These animals tell a tale of the nomadic people who traverse with herds across the great African deserts.

The Village also features camels, hyenas, addax, leopards, tortoises, weaver birds and the beautiful plants that grow in this African region.

Meet our two male camels whose incredible faces and impossible bodies reflect yet another wondrous adaptation to life in the desert. Their spindle legs, long eyelashes and humps of fat all play a part in their ability to trek across dunes, endure fierce sand storms and scarce food, making them highly prized beasts of burden for African tribes.

African Village WaTuTu

African Village WaTuTu

Meanwhile, drinking from a cool pond or draped blissfully in a tree, see if you can spot the exotic Amur leopard that live just outside the village near the District Commissioner’s House.

Don’t miss the soulful gaze of the striped hyenas whose burrows are located just behind the Elder’s Grove. Or laugh with amusement as the Sulcatta tortoise amble toward their shady hovel.

Watch as several species of African weaver birds build amazing nests from plant material. Experience one of these nest in “human proportions” hanging next to the aviary.

For human creature comforts, the Thorn Tree Grill provides icy drinks, grilled favorites, tasty salads and African regional cuisine.

Just outside Village WaTuTu, stroll over to see the warthogs. Their comical faces and short legs make for delightful fun as they grunt in satisfaction while rolling in the mud.

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