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Tours and Packages

Living Desert tours is a unique way to enhance your zoo and botanical garden adventure. Giraffes, mountain lions, zebras, and cheetahs are just a few of the incredible animals that take you from Africa to North America. You will have an exclusive showing of our District Commissioner’s House which has a panoramic view of our Amur Leopard. There is a stop at our Wildlife Hospital where you will be able to see the state of the art equipment our veterinarians use to keep our animals healthy. There can be added stops by the interactive Discovery Center, our G-scale model train displays, enjoy a number of animal presentations, have lunch in one of the cafes, or feed the giraffes ($6.00 Added Cost). Let your personal guide take you from African Village WaTuTu, to our Eagle Canyon Loop. The Living Desert offers an experience like no other.

Special Group Tour Rates

PRIVATE SAFARI (Less than 10 people)
GROUP SAFARI (10 people or more)
with Box Lunch
GROUP SAFARI (10 people or more)
GUIDED WALKING TOUR (10 people or more)
GROUP ADMISSION INTO PARK (15 people or more)

Private Safari Group Tours

Private Safari Group Tours

Private Safari Group Tours

All tours require a reservation in advance. For more information, please contact our Group Sales Manager at (760) 346-9810 or email

There is a required booking lead time of 48 hours in advanced.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Please allow 3 days in advance for cancellation. 50% of total charge of tour will not be refunded if it within 3 days of the tour.

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