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The Living Desert Event Venues

The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens has a variety of venues, including 6 breathtaking ceremony sites and 7 exceptional reception venues, each wonderfully unique in their own special way.

Whether you are planning an intimate affair or a grand soiree we have the perfect venue for any occasion. We invite you to choose your own adventure, from the charm of our early 20th century African Village WaTuTu, to the lush gardens of Savannah’s Landing where the giraffe and greater kudu roam adjacent to the desert landscape and starry skies of the Sahara, to the tranquil cactus gardens and the back drop of the Rocky Mountains of North America, the possibilities are endless.

Animal encounters can be added to any event.

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Stephen B. Chase Building

Tennity Board Room, Littlefield Art Gallery & Lurie Reception Patio

Elegant, organic, and inspired by nature, the Stephen B. Chase Building features the stunning Littlefield Art Gallery, Tennity Board Room, and Lurie Reception Patio with its modern landscaping and sculptural waterfall. The venue is fully equipped with ambient lighting, indoor/outdoor sound system, digital projector and screen.

District Commissioner’s House

Located in The Living Desert’s African Village WaTuTu, The District Commissioner’s House (DC House) is fashioned after the building British Commissioners frequented during Kenya’s colonial period. Not open to the public, the DC House is constructed with the same thatched roof and mud-wall style as African village huts and features a panoramic glass wall that provides intimate viewing of our extraordinary and endangered Amur leopard.

Village WaTuTu

Safari means “journey” in Swahili, and the spectacular Village WaTuTu offers a safari your guests will never forget.

Located near our giraffe habitat, this 5-acre replica of a north Kenyan village provides guests with an authentic and awe-inspiring African experience. Mud-walled huts and grass-thatched rooves circle a shady Elder’s Grove where the rhythmic sounds of Africa fill the air. African thorn and ficus trees, varietal acacia and euphorbia, and red-flowered crown of thorns surround the area and dromedary camel, striped hyena, Amur leopard, weaver birds, spur-thighed tortoise and Addax antelope habitats encircle the grounds.

Events at Village WaTuTu are unlike any others hosted in the Coachella Valley, and will provide your guests with a truly memorable experience.

For an additional fee, guests can also enjoy the popular Petting Kraal, where they can experience close encounters with rare African domestic livestock such as Sicilian donkeys and Nigerian dwarf goats.

Palm Garden Patio

Guests can dine under the stars amidst desert breezes and the splendor of palm trees at the stunning, open-air Palm Garden Patio.

Located just a short distance from the park’s main entrance, this popular event area is ideal for weddings, corporate dinners, holiday events, and more. Over 50 species of palm trees surround the spacious patio. Adjacent is our popular G-Scale Train exhibit, ideal for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres as guests make their way to the Palm Garden Patio for dinner. Perfect for day or evening events, the Patio is fully equipped with lighting and
a stage.

Discovery Center

Celebrate the worlds of entertainment and exploration at our state-of-the-art Discovery Center. Whimsical interactives, elegant architecture, and shaded ramadas create the ideal setting for corporate picnics, family functions, birthday events, and more.

The Discovery Center unites modern design and wonders of childhood by showcasing natural history and desert ecology with thoroughly original exhibits, interactive experiences, along with a remarkable panoramic desert mural and towering ancient animals.

Tennity Wildlife Hospital & Conservation Center

The stunning Tennity Wildlife Hospital & Conservation Center features architecture and landscaping blending contemporary and Asian-inspired designs. This venue also features an expansive front patio area and an indoor garden which is perfect for small groups and intimate affairs or larger groups that want to utilize the beautiful outdoor space and garden. Exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of our animal care center can be arranged for an additional fee.

Irvine Patio

The Irvine Patio, with its shaded palm trees and wildlife sculptures is a private oasis ideal for receptions, cocktail parties, family gatherings and outdoor dining. This venue is fully equipped with restrooms and lighting.

Savannah’s Landing

The rustic Savannah’s Landing where the Savannah and Santa Rosa Mountains meet as your backdrop provides the perfect desert landscape setting. This blank canvas is an ideal space for a romantic wedding.

The Giraffe Platform Savannah’s Landing

There is no other place in the Coachella Valley that compares to the Giraffe Platform across from Savannah’s Landing. Here, the giraffe wander on the lush hillside and may make frequent visits to the platform where you and your guests are invited to feed them as you sip champagne and stand in awe of these truly majestic creatures.

Discovery Center Garden

Quaint, private and magical, the Discovery Center Garden is the perfect place for an intimate affair, afternoon tea or a garden ceremony and reception. Filled with a variety of plants and flowers and water features this enchanted venue is a peaceful and lovely space that will simply take your breath away.

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