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On the Road with RoxAnna – Day 8

  • On the Road with RoxAnna

  • Day Eight

    I thought today I would list out a bunch of things that have been note-worthy or curious about being in Senegal. 
    Here it goes:


    • TV is in French.- My francais is better but I will keep practicing. It’s still better than my Spanish.
    • Money is in CIFA- I am not even sure I am spelling that right.
    • Postage is not easy to find.  Sending one postcard, we’ll see how long it takes to get home.
    • A recycling plant would make a killing here with all the plastic rubbish.  (That’s how the Brits say trash.)
    • Bottle water is a necessity if you are not a local. Even to brush your teeth.
    • A bottle of Coca Cola tastes better here. Except maybe from McDonalds.
    • The women dress in the most beautiful vibrant colors. The men not so much.
    • The call to prayer can also be a great alarm clock.
    • Dinner will take hours, can’t rush it.  You can try but it won’t matter. And yes, I mean, hours.
    • Don’t forget to look up.  Saw a whole bunch of bats sleeping in trees.
    • Goats, goats and more goats. Seriously, they roam everywhere.
    • Everyone has something to sell.  Lots of wares on the street to purchase. Well, haggle over.
    • You never know where you will see a monkey.  Or see one sucking on a cigarette for that matter.
    • You may think one thing will taste like one thing by looking at it and you will be really surprised. Can’t judge food by its outer layer.
    • Internet is precious.  Can’t just rely on it like we are used to.  You may have it or you may not.
    • The lights may go completely out randomly.  Nobody panics, you just wait for them to come back on eventually.  (And that is why I travel with 3 flashlights.)
    • French game shows are hilarious.  I have no idea what was happening, but it was some silly stuff.
    • Travel with medicine.  In evidently, someone will feel sick.  And keep it with you, not in your checked bag.
    • Not all airports are created equal.  Saw a dignitary of some sort, news broadcaster, girls in prom dresses, and some chickens.
    • Don’t rely on credit cards.  You will be sorely bummed out.   You may find the ATM’s in the most bizarre locations.  Thanks mom, for saving the day!
    • The pool tables are much smaller and so are the balls.  No stripes and solids, instead red and yellows.  And you may have thought you won, but you may not have.
    • The Gazelle beer is the best and has the best logo.  Although, there is debate amongst the antelope specialists if it is a Dama Gazelle or a Gerenuk.
    • Expense reports for this trip will be nothing short of interesting.  Lots of sharing and photos of receipts. Definitely no separating the checks for meals.
    • Always, try the local food. Mafi and Yassa are two of the most delicious.

    Tomorrow is our last day in Senegal.  One more day of adventure and then the long traveling home begins.  If you are ever in Senegal, I hope these curious findings help.

    Bon Soir,

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