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Annual Giving

Taking care of our animals is a daily commitment we make…24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With your help, we can impact their quality of life at every stage of their lives. They depend on us and your generosity to give them what they need to thrive so that we may continue to share their amazing stories with the community. Annual Gifts to The Living Desert is the constant resource imperative to the care of our animals, maintaining the zoo and garden’s desert landscape, and providing a beautiful place in which our community can enjoy and learn.

Your special gift can impact these fundamental areas:

  • Wildlife Rehabilitation: Annually, over 800 injured or orphaned animals are treated and processed through this special program, some finding homes back in the wild or into our collection
  • Bill & Marilyn Tennity Hospital: Our on-site veterinary center provides optimal medical care by a staff veterinarian and skilled medical team, with regular medical and dental check-ups for all zoo animal residents
  • Education Programming: Over 40,000 school children visit us annually to learn about preservation of our unique desert environments and the wildlife that inhabits them

The Living Desert is an independent, non-profit organization, relying on annual gifts and private support for the programs and services that benefit our animals and gardens.

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