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The Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those who have made arrangements for deferred gifts in their estate gift plan: a bequest in a will, a charitable gift annuity, a life insurance policy with The Living Desert named as beneficiary, real estate property, stock, etc.

The person who plans to give a gift at present or to leave one for future sustainability is the same as a foundation that awards grant funds, or a person or business that buys a table at an event… all are willing to become investors because they have the same goal as The Living Desert which is to preserve a portion of the Colorado Desert in its natural state:

  • to foster, through interpretive exhibits, programs, and publications, an awareness of, and appreciation for, the variety of plants and animals in worldwide desert ecosystems;
  • to build up, under controlled conditions, populations of various species of desert animals and plants threatened with extinction in the wild state;
  • to foster, through cooperative research and educational programs, biological studies contributing to the protection of desert species in the wild state.

Benefits of supporting the future for The Living Desert

Members of The Heritage Society are a unique group of people who share the same vision as Karen Sausman, President Emeritus, and the original Board of Trustees. Heritage Society members understand the need to provide for the sustainable future for the incredible and often endangered plants and animals found in the world’s deserts.

In addition to the camaraderie that comes from like-minded people, the members receive benefits such as:

  • An invitation to the annual Heritage Society Recognition Party
  • Invitations to VIP events
  • Recognition in foxpaws magazine and the Annual Report
  • A framed aerial photograph of The Living Desert as it looked in the desert in 1970 and signed by Karen Sausman, founder and President Emeritus

If you are considering a gift of any size and would like more information, please contact us at or call (760) 346-5694, ext. 2166.

Thank you again for your interest and support for The Living Desert.

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