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Celebrating 50 Years of Adventure
The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild.

Mission: Animal Care

Mission: Animal Care

Thank you to all who stepped up so far and answered the challenge!
Your donation in any amount is helping us sustain the needs of our animals and vital operations during this unprecedented time in history. We are so grateful to our caring community and look forward to welcoming you back soon.



Mission: Animal Care Donors as of May 6, 2020

Laurie Aarsby
Carolyne and Andrew Abbott
Jessica Abbott
Betty and Jerome Abeles
Nancy and Gregory Ackerman
Karen and Thomas Ackland
Deborah Ackroyd
Betsy and Mark Adams
Ellen Adams and Kim Lagerwey
Richard Adams and Jeffrey Stewart
Scarlett and Bill Adams
Stephen Adams
William Adams
Kate Adelle
Roberta and Jerry Adey
Eric Affeldt
Teri Aitken
Ronnie Alcalay
Maria and Andrew Alexander
Elaine and James Aley
Genie Allen
Wendy Allen
James Amey
Kathy and Don Amos
Kathleen Anamosa and Jim Taggard
Suzan and Bill Appel
Nancy and Barry Appelbaum
Zoe Architect
Tracy Aris
Barbara Arnstein
Cora Aronowitz
Olive Arthur and Ruth Darling
Patricia and Dennis Ashby
Janet and Peter Asten
Jo Ann and Jeffrey Auerbach
Paula Ayala-Bowen
B & R Construction, Inc.
Kelly Baez
Richard and Eugenia Bahler Donor Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Carmen and Harvey Baird
John Baker
Liza and Dennis Baldwin
Barbara Bales
Jone Balesteri
David Balinsky
Kari and George Bancroft
Rai Scime and Michael Baran
Mary and Peter Barber
Shirley Barger
Harold Barlow
John Barna
Dennis Barnes
William Barnes
Cari and Brad Barrett
Ewing Bartgis
Damion Barton
Kathleen Bayoun
Nancy Beard and Jana Ransom
Virginia Beatty
Marcia and PhilipBecker
Robert Becker
Helen Belluschi
Sheryl Benoit
Bob Berg and Paul Sibel
Signe and Jerry Bergman
Patricia Bergmann
Kerry Berman
Sandra Berry
Sandra Rietz and John Besse-Lascours
Marilyn and Ken Bettencourt
Patrick Beyer
Mary Jo Biggers
Don Bills
Crista and Robert Binder
Marlene Binder
Scott Binder
Jaime Birdo
Deborah Bishop
Martha and Jim Blackburn
Carol and Kirk Blackerby
Kendra Blan
Mary Louise and John Blaney
Linda and Dennis Bloch
Ilene Block
Robin Boardman
Laurie Boatsman
Janet and Barry Bolton
Cindi and Bill Bone
Jan and Clark Booth
Martha Bossley
Barbara Boswell
David Bowes
Judy and Robert Bowlin
Laura Boyd-Klemba
Kimberly Boysen
Rebekah and Jeffrey Bozanic
Teri Brann
Janet and Gary Bratton
Cary Brazeman
Harold Breidenbaugh and  Joan Krohngold
Patricia Brembeck
Dawn and Sam Plonski
Mimi Brett
Morgane and Eric Brezzo Smith
Lisa and Alnis Briedis
Carol and Ted Broome
Jill Brown
Robin Brown
Richard Brown
Richard Browner
Arlene and Jared Brownlow
Leslie Bryce
Rose Brzoska
Cindy Buboltz
Rhoda and Gordon Budke
Phattama and Kory Buechter
Cynthia Buffington-Walsh and Chelsea Buffington
Emma Burg
Beverly and Norman Burk
Nancy Burke
Christian Burke
Kathryn and Peter Burn
Christina Burns Loff
Renate Burns-Knoblauch and Alyson Harrold
Roger Burpee
Terry Burrows
Julia and Randall Burt
John Burton
Kathryn and Williams Bush
William Buskirk
Lois and Bill Butler
Cheryl Byers and Janet Dreifort
Sherre and David Cain
Deborah Calhoun
Pat Callard
Danielle Emmett and Baxter Campbell
Patricia and John Campbell
Danielle Cane
Sharon and Herb Carbaugh
Edelberg Family Donor Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Elizabeth and Brian Carlin
Nancy Carlson
Carole Carpenter
Penny Carpenter
Zoanna Carrol
Glenda Case and Karen Shelby
Karen and Bryan Casier
Collette Castellanos
Cassie Castillo
Patricia Cerne
Deborah Cervantes
Nicole Cervi
Margaret and Gary Chamberlain
Howard Chambers
Diana and Brian Champion
Cheever  Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Alena Chelebyan
Vivian and Eric Chiel
Lynn and Craig Childress
Briana Chow
Frankie Chrisman
Miranda Christel
Nancy Christensen
Michael Christy
Michael Cipriano
Karen and Harry Ciraolo
Lois Clark
Tracey and Mike Clark
Wendy Clarke
Pamela Class
Judy and Jim Cline
Pat Clinton
Kelsey Cody
Jeniene and Larry Coffin
Diane and Martha Cohen
Susan and Kenneth Cohen
Chuck Cole and David Beer
Linda and John Cole
Margaret and Keith Cole
Barb and Rick Cole
Charles R. Coleman Donor Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Travis Coleman and Brandon McKeand
Kimberley Coles
Carol Collins
Steve Colton
Leigh Combs
Barbara Comess and Robert McCarthy
Barbara Competello
Dona Connelly and Carole Rickert
Tracey Connole
Terrence Connolly
Kathleen Conradson
Laurel Conradson and Johnathon Domondon
Betty Jo Cross and Linda Conte
Diane Nicki Isabella-Conti and John Conti Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable
Beatriz Contreras
Cathy Cooke
Carey and Allan Cooper
Janet Cooper
Susan Cooper
The Robin J. Corkery Fund at Innovia Foundation
Ross and Joann Cornelius Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable
Jill and Joe Corona
Connie Courtney
Barbara and Don Cox
Amy and Mark Crabb
Kathy Craig
James Creber
Louis Crescenzo
Peter and Janice Cullen
Kathy Cummins
David Cunningham
Patricia and Berl Dahlstrom
Stacy and Kurt Dahlvig
Linda Daidone
Kristina and Lou Dailey
Sharon and James Danoff-Burg
Linda and Peter D'Aprix
Carol and Harry Darlington
Jeff Davied
Betsy Davis
Derrick Davis
Ron Davis
Ms. De Larwell
Lynne and John Deal
Norm King and Terry Dean
Wanda Dean
Barbara Delaney
Jacquelyn Deleon
Koula Delianides
Jan and Ernie Demarbiex
Daphne DeMartino
Carrie Desler
Kathryn Devon
Priscilla Dewing
Lisa Dews
Kathryn and James Dexter
Cecilia Dialynas
Yelena Vemilova and Amilcar Diaz
Celeste and William Dick
Judith Dickinson
Tobey Dickson
Gail Dieterich
Bonnie Disney
Robin Dixon
Nancy and Alan Dobbs
Paul Doble
Kay Dodds
Marge and Norman Dodge
Kaycie Dolezal
Svanhild Dohlin
Helen and Bruce Dolph
Kathryn Donnelly
Lauren Donavan
Edie and John Doughtery
Susan and Mike Douglass
Tanya Drawer
Tom Duffy
Jeanne Dunning
Tink and Mike Durbin
Dayle Durbon
Carolyn Eadon
Jennifer Earle
Diane Eazell
Rosemary and Bernard Ecker
Lola Edmiston
Bobbie and Martin Einhorn
Phyllis Eisenberg
Elaine and Kenneth Eldred
Rita Stec and Lance Eldred
Barbara and Glenn Elg
Margaret-Ann Elliott
Elizabeth Ellison
Lisa Brenner and Lee Elster
John Emerson and Pittawat Narktawan
Dacia and John Emmel
LeAnne Enright
Mary Epler
John Erdman
Janice Erickson
Mary Ann and Jack Ernsting
Jennifer and Russ Eubanks
Donna and John Evans
Lynn Evans
Patti Evans
Jeffrey Fairbanks
Geena Fallis
Terri Feickert
Joseph Feigenbaum
Ercelle and Michel Feldman
Fred and Andrea Fenster
Carolyn and Melvin Field
Linda Fielder
Lindsey and Gary Fields
Joanne Fillpotfletcher
Dennis Finnell
Kristen Fischer
Christel and Phelps Fisher
Beverly and John Fitzgerald
Desiree Fleming
Rebecca and Michael Fletcher
Carlotta Flink
Janice Foersterling
Anne Fontaine
Lynn and Michael Fontana
Marilyn Forrest
Crystal Fountain
Wendy and Michael Fountain
Ramona Fox
Melissa and Peter Frank
Stephen Frank
Irene and Wally Franson
Karen Frantz
Judith Karp and Stanley Freedman
Martin Freedman
Marilyn Friedman
Andrew Friedman
Linda Frith
Marilyn and Richard Fromme
Jaklynn Fuerte
Sandy Funk
Ilene and Bob Gannaway
Sharon and Steven Garber
Aaron Garcia
Katie and John Garcia
Martin Garment
Daen Cooper and Joseph Garofalo
Pam Garrity
Jane and Frank Gately
Debra Gaunt
Barbara Gay
Karen and Roger Getz
Peggy Gierhart
Winston Gieseke
Sandra and Christopher Gilman
Deanna Gilpin
Lucinda Girard
Elyce Girouard
Erika Gonzalez and David Gleason
Lisa Gomez
Christina Gordon
Jan and Miles Gordon
Nancy Gordon
Matt Gorlick
Marla Gorlick
Linda and Timothy Gosney
Dorothy and Terry Gough
Susan and Jim Gould
Christopher Goulet
Tracey Grace
Patricia Granger and Raphael Reck
Judy Graziani and Carole La Rocca
Vinnie Green
Corinne and Robert Greenamyer
Candace and Lorry Greenberg
Cheryl Greene and Di Fitzpatrick
Phyllis and Robert Greene
Genney Groesbeck
Toni Gross
Elaine Tizz Grossman
David Grossman
Susan Gumbrecht
Ariella and Barbara Guthrie
Mary and Mel Haber
Richard Hajek and Edward Hutchinson
Hall Family Donor Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Alex Hallowell
Pete Hambrick
Elizabeth Hampshire
Marian and Kenneth Handy
Matthew Hanley
Eric Hansen
Steven Hanson
Ellen Harboe
Nancy and Dwight Harmon
Amanda Harris
Linda Harrison
Carlene Hart
Sally and Lonnie Hartman
Mary and William Harvey
Kenny Hassett
Martha and Lee Haven
Jahna Hawkins
Jan and Jim Hawkins
Keith Hawkins
Yvonne Hawkins
Nancy Hayes
Eugenia Haynie
Penny and David Hazan
Althea Heagy
Lawrence Heinzman
Mary Anne Helfrich
Amy and Garith Helm
Cheryl and Michael Helm
Lynn and Alan Hendershot
Billie Hendricks
Mrs. Randell Henry
Jean Henshaw and Anthony Esposito
Suzanne Heri
Patricia and Brian Herman
Kathleen Ann Herring
Pam and Gary Herrington
Ann Herron
Polly and Nelson Hester
Vicki Higgins
Becky and Doug
Sandra Hill-Lee
Nancy and Ronald Hinman
Samiah Hinton
Jane Hoff
John Hoff
Mr. Robert Hoff
Candi and Jon Holzgrafe
Barbara and H. Earl Hoover II
Monica and James Hoover
Robert Horner
Jean and Fred Howard
Laurel Howeth
Lille Hoye
Carol Huckle
Kathy Hudgins
Erik Huebner
Millie and Fred Hull
David Hulstine
William Humphries
Suz Hunt
Carol Pruter
Delphine Hunter
Elva Huntsman
Jill and Dale Hurd
Patricia and Bruce Hutcheon
Janet Hyde and Frank Torcia
Innovative Wealth Partners, LLC
Sandy Irwin and Larry Lauber
Judith Isaac Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable  
Ann and Bill Iwata
Sharon Jack
Shirley Jackman
Debbie and David Jackson
Maryellen and Dustin Jackson
Peter Jacobs
Lesley and Kent Jaggers
Barbara Jampolis
Lindsay Jarvis
Sally Jayes
Patricia and Richard Jensen
Reuben Jimenez
Carol and Gordon Johansen
Carl Johnson
Catherine and Edward Johnson
Debbie Johnson
Donella Johnson
Ingrid Johnson
Karlene and David Johnson
Leana Kleinman and Jerald Johnson
Diane and Kurt Johnston
Ellen and James Jones
Fran Jones
Nancy and Ronald Jones
Sheryl Jones and Pamela Hill
Tena and Allen Jones
Teresa and Nigel Jones
Robert Judelson
Janine Judy
Lois Kahn-Feuer and Mary Ellen Johnston
Donna Kahny
Brenda Kaplan
Tanya Karn
Toni Kaska
Gail Kasovac
Marcia and Jerry Katler
Margo and Barry Kaufman
Betty Kear
Norma and Jack Keating
Linda and Donald Keene
Crystal and William Kelly
Sharon Kelly
Doris Keniry
Martha and Bruce Kennedy
Ann Kenny
Joan Kent
Karen and Evan Kent
Paul Kent
Helaine and Bob Kephart
Janet Keyte
Mary Jo and Roy King
Arlene and Dan Kirby
Nanette and Jory Kirchhevel
Karen Kjellin-Jahr and Larry Jahr
Jeanette Kleist
Ramona and Mark Kline
Cindy Klinger
Louise and Ray Knowles
Linda Knox
Brooke and Dan Koehler
Jennifer Koepsell
Dick Kopel
Terrolyn Korn
Paul Kosturos
Daisy and Don Kounce
Myrna Koundouriotis
Sherry Kramer
Louise and Barry Kremkau
Molly and James Kridel
Greg Krpalek
Donna Kruse
Barbara and Jan Kubiak
Michael Kucher
Erven Kuhlmann
Wendi Laborde
Jane Ladky
S Laginski
Jo Laird and Mike Danoff
Ann and John Lane
Marsha and Luke Langford
Dave LaPlant
Russell Lapso and Akram Dakhgan
Gina Lawrence
Patricia Layton
Samantha Leach
Drew Leander
Jessica Ledbetter and Ranee Barsanti
Jeanne Lefevre
Leland Donor Advised Fund at Schwab Charitable 
Kelly Peck and Oscar Leon
Karen Lester
Shari Levy
Susan and Arnold Lieman
Douglas Light
Marcella Lindbery
Jay Linehan
Audrey and Craig Linke Donor Advised Fund at Vanguard Charitable
Gerry and Herb Livsey
Mitzi Loe
Mark Loeffler
Cheryl and Frank Lolich
Martha and Stephen Lomax
Sybilla London
Brenda Lonsbury-Martin
Iliana Lopez
Vicki and Brian Lord
Helen Louden
Angi and John Louderback
Cynthia Lovmark
Judy and Roger Low
Rebecca Lubas
Ginger and David Ludwick
Barbara Lund
Lee Ann and Robert Luten
Carol and Wally Luther
Sia Lux and Pamela Lux-Archer
Marie Lyons and Lee Weigel
Joseph Macdonald
Carol Macgregor-Meek and Sam Meek
Judy MacPherson and Mary Eliz Cassedy
Jennifer Madden
Larue and Robert Maddox
Vicki and Dale Madler
Kathi and Mike Mallick
Amanda Malloy
Judalon Manes
Nanette Marchand
Barbara and Gary Marconi
Hedy and Alex Marien
Karol Markley
Arlene Markman and Doris Perlmutter
Dennie and David Marks
Daylanne and Ross Markwardt
Deb and Rex Marlowe
Anne Marshall
Jennifer and Taylor Marshall
Carolyn Martin
Donna and Craig Martin
Madeline Martin
Suzanne and Robert Martin
Sharon Martinez
Molly and Alexander Martonik
Vickie Marx
Jennifer and Paul Massey
Agnes and Malcolm Maxsted
Marty and Foster Maxwell
Nicky and Lester Mayber
Patricia Mayer
Christopher McAllister
Candy and Charles McBrayer
Joan McCabe
Louise and Hebert McCabe
Felicia and Jim McCaughey
Diane McClary
Sharon and Craig McCollam
Victoria McCollum
Susan and William McConnell
Barbara and Joseph McCoy
Gary McCuliough
Rita McDermott
Mike McElhoe and Laura Oberto
Maureen McElligott
Jeanne and Gerald McElroy
Kristen McGavran
Mary McKay and Frank Sterrett
Susan Hartea and Donald Mckay
Candance McKenzie
Phyllis McKinley
Rebecca McKinney
Sharon and Don McLaughlin
Minnie McMillan and John  Richards
Wilson McNary
Jenel and Charles McNaughtan
Patti and Michael McNutt
Ritchie and Buddy McPhail
Jane Mead
Anne Meiers
Phyllis Meikle
Keith & Connie Meissner
Una Melikian
Dolly and Richard Melim
Mary and Lawrence Meltzer
Marie Mendicino
Sara Merl-Viramontes and Mark Viramontes
Dawn Merrill
Judith Metz
Sharen Metz
Teri and Mike Michel
Jim Middlehurst
Doug and Marcia Millar Charitable Fund from The Community Foundation of Macon County
Brenda and Stephen Miller
Cheryl Miller
Fern Miller
Lee Miller
JoAnn and Myron Mintz
Mr. Bryan Misshore and Mr. Neil H. Ackley
Anne and John Mitchell
Christine and David Mitchell
Mary and Ray Mithun
Dean Mofidi
Ann Mohn-Brimhall
Lisa Molerin
Momentous / Frank Goldstin
Desda Monaghan
Carla Montagno
Charlotte Moore and Shirley Heumader
Mildred Moore-Voll
Connie Mora
Karen Moreland
Daniel Moreno
Gregory Morgon
Cherie and John Morris
Barbara and Ron Morrison
Diane and Mike Morrison
Thomas Mortimer
Connie Morton
Nancy and Scott Morton
Barbara Jean and James Moses
Fera Mostow
Abby and Andreas Mozoras
Susan and James Mulcahy
Sharon and Steve Munkdale
Susan Munns
Terri and William Munselle
Beverly and Timothy Murray
Janis and Raymond Musante
Jeanette and Michael Mushkin
Kristina Myers
Sandy Myerso
Elizabeth Nabie
Holly Nadler
Janet Nagler
Kappy Names
Jackie and Steve Nankervis
Cheryl and Rick Napier
Susan Nathan
Gloria and Rick Nedell
Barbara and Jim Nelson
Bryan Nelson
Kerri Nelson
Ute and Art Nemiroff
Ruth Nese
Abbe and Edwin Neumeyer
Judi Newbro
Thomas Newbro
Anne Newman
Larry and Linda Nichols
Sylvia Nicolazzi
Jann Niewisch
Notary Ally
Sylvia and Jose Nunez
Wiiliam Nyquist
Yvonne and Kevin Oberman
Anne O'Brien
Michael  O'Connor
Carol and John O'Donnell
Liesl Okuda
Phyllis Ollander
Jason and Rob Ollander-Krane
Frank Olson
Jim Onorato
Carolyn and Art Ordonio
Deborah Oschman
Kathryn Osgood
Jean Osmond
Patricia Ostrander
Alexandra Oswald
Pamela Oswald
Christine Otten
Sandra Ovesen and Kathie Adams
Rebecca Pack
Sherion Pagan
Palm Desert Ace Hardware
Richard Patritz
Patricia and Donald Paradise
Jane and Robert Parker
Kathie and Larry Parrish
Kathy and Stephen Parry
Elaine and Larry Nehring
Kris Patton
Janet Pauletich
Celia Pauls
Pam Paxson
Steve Payne
Teresa Peacock
Holly Pearson
Jo Pearson
Barbara and David Peat
Deborah and Steven Peden
Madeline Pefferle
Donna and Paul Pekar
Kerrie Pennington-Roque and Ren Roque
Kaylie Perez
Sandy and David Perkins
Ralph Perry
Ed Peterson
Madalyn and George Petit
Linda Phipps and Elaine Allen
Laurie Pike
Pamela Pilkington
Debra and Gregory Pisanich
Mary Lou and Thomas Pitcher
Sandra and Harvey Platt
Kay Plimpton
Marlee Poff
Sarah and James Poindexter
Lynn and Bill Poland
Sandy Pope
Debra Porch-Steward and Richard Porch
Guido Portante
Janna Powell
Karla and Brando Pozzi
Michael Price
Nancy and Kelley Price
Margaret and Richard Priver
Mari and Michael Provenghi
Harry Psaltis
Mary Anne Pugin
Jackie and Peter Putman
Diane Radar
Cheryl Ramsey
Steve Randall
Jean Randall
Deborah and Steven Ratcliff
Gisela Ravn
Carmen Rawe
Patricia Reddick
Maggie McBennett and Chris Reed
Sondra Rees
Earney Reeves
Robert Reid
Nancy Reifer
Kay Reinhold
Joan Remick
Evey and Richard Renner
Madeleine and Joseph Reyes
Melissa Rhone-Parris
Lynn and Steve Ricci
Lois Richard and Kay Reinhold
Marlee and Michael Richard
Robin Richardson
Linda and Manny Rider
Molly and Joe Riordan
Ariane and Ed Ripley
Patricia and William Ritter
Melissa and Mark Rizzo
Debra and Gary Robertson
The Robison Family
Linda and Raymond Robledo
Judith and Steven Roblee
Lisamarie Rocha
J.F. and C.J. Rodgers Family Donor Advised Fund at Fidelity Charitable
Sylvia Rodriguez
Donna Rogers and Jan Matkin
Robert Rogers
Susan Roll and Dana Chaiken
Susan Rosales
Z'Ava and Jerry Rosen
Barbara Roskinski
Diane Ross
Karen Ross
Suzanne and Lane Roth
Don Rowan
Nancy Rowan
Carol Rowell
Lynne Rudnick
Bernice and Steven Rummonds
Kim and Frank Rumoro
Susan and Carl Ryan
Crystel Salgueiro
Denise Salzar
Jeanne and Patrick Sandford
Frederic Sanford
James Sarallo
Lynne Sasse
Diane and Stan Sawa
Joan Sawyer
Brenda Scarcella
Charmian Schreiner
Sally and Michael Schreter
Margie and Alex Schriener
Ruth Mikkelsen and Michael Schuster
Carol Schwab
Kathy Schwartz
Lisa and Barry Schwartz
Patty and Walter Schwartz
Mary and Doug Scott
Nancy Scott
Noreen and David Search
Linda and John Seiter
Traci Selmer
Scott Sepulveda
Ken and Jackie Severa
Kathleen Seymour and Louis Faria
Claire and Charlie Shaeffer
Sharron and Martin Shaffer
Jennifer Shaw
Cheli Shea
Kelly Shea
Lynette Shields
Glen Shimizu
Cal Shipley
Natalie and Richard Shonerd
Jan Silver-Maguire
Simmons Family Fund from National Philanthropic Trust
Sally Simonds
Pam and Bill Simpkins
Peter Singer
Marcia Slater and James Hatfield
Kathy and Thomas Sly
Mary Small
Becky and Phil Smith Jr.
Carol Smith
Gregory Smith
Jennifer and Don Smith
Jeromy Smith
Kimberly and Mark Smith
Lady and Sherman Smith
Shelley Smith
Shirley Smith
Marilyn Smythe
Theresa and Roger Snoble
Abby and Stephen Solomon
Brooke Solomon
Cindy and Nathaniel Soper
Kathy Sorensen and Ruth Raheb
Darlene and Stan Sorenson
Adam Soto
Dorothy and Harry Spear
Daniel Spencer
Patty and Larry Spicer
Deborah Jansma
Brendon Stafford
Therese and Mike Stangl
Jennifer Stapp
Marianne and Robert Steedman
Karen and Nick Steffanoff
Michael Stegehuis
Judy Stenman
Kate Stensrud
Frank Sterrett
Ann and Robert Stevens
Jane Stevens
Joan Stevenson
Ronald Stewart
Susan and Charles Stewart
Gary Stricker
Daniel Stiel
Sheryl Stockkton
Gary Stone
Barbara Storms and Sarah Gonzales
Judith Stransky
Julia Strauss and Bin Wong
Kathryn and Mark Strecker
Eric Strom
Bonnie Strook
Andreea Stupura
Joyce Suboter
Sally Suchil
Jackie Suitt
Cheryl Sullivan
Joanne and John Sullivan
Carla Sullivan-Dilley and Ron Dilley
Joanne and Dominick Summa
Carolyn Swanson
Cyndie and Bruce Swauger
Susan Swigor
Davidene Tait
Linda and Bill Tallian
Sontung Tang
Judy and Van Tanner
Mary Tapley and Tom Hupert
Julie and Graham Tash
Julie and Charles Taverna
Beatrice and James Taylor
Kelly Taylor
Susanne Tenhoff
Joan and David Teufel
Anne Theobald
Nick Theodore
Mark Russell Theony
Curt Thomas
Nancy Thomas
Nancy Thomas
Sandy and Ron Thomas
Kelli Thomas
Douglas Thompson
Heidi Thompson
Jane Thompson
Judith Thompson
Sue and Raymond Thornhill
Norm Thu
Michael Tierney
Augustine Tijerina
Teresa Timar
Marshella Tjandra
Gina and John Toba
Eileen Todd
Marcy Tonkin
Donna Toward
Terri Towery
Rena and Mike Towne
Paulette Traino
Catherine Trejo
Nancy and Roy Trillo
Melanie and Gregory Trout
Mary and Rob Tryon
Cathy Tucker
Lynne Tucker
Simon Tunmore
Alanne and Charles Turina
Lauren Tutzauer and Jason Turletsky
Bernadette Unden and Kate Unden
Nancy and Charles Valentine
Sue and Dave Valentino
Michael Van Denabel
Ann and Michael Van Haney
Mary Van Holt
Jocelyn Van Reusen
Sharin and Don Van Sickle
Lisa VanderBrink
Patricia VanLeeuwen
Tesha and Ben Vann
Carole and Lou Vaughan
Dave Vavra
Irene Veitch
Christie Vella-Kramer
Kathleen Campbell and Rick Vetter
David Vignolo
Stephanie Villalobos
Karen and Howard Vipperman
Jocelyn and Richard Vortmann
Jackie Wagner
Frances and Byron Wakeham
Anne and Doug Walker
Joe Wallace
Wallace Family Donor Advised Fund at Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Liana and Clifford Wallman
Sara Walsh and Elizabeth Walsh
Karen Wamboldt
Donna and Robert Ward
Susan and Sibley Ward
Mildred Warren
Robert Waterbor
Janet and Wayne Waters
Mary and Gordon Watson
Pam Watson
Cheryl and Gary Waymire
Nancy and David Weddle
Lisa De Luca-Weidner and Peter Weidner
Starra Weinberg
Sharon and Randy Weiss
Liz and Raymond Welch
Sharon West
Beverley White
Diana and Trent White
Lauren White
Tara Whiting
Barbara Wiborg
Catherine Hayes and Mark Wiesel
Patricia Wilbur
Michael Wilkes
Barbara and John Williams
Barbara and Ronald Williams
Cynthia Williams
Linda Pratt-Williams and Kim Williams
Maureen Williams
Kimberly Williamson
Jean Willner
April Wilson
Julie and Justin Wilson
Julie Wilson
Mary Wilson
James Windt
John Withers
Diane and Richard Wohl
James Wohlfeil-Watson
Joan and Rudolf Wolf
Philip Wolff
Allegonda and Jack Wood
Sally and Keith Woodcox
Angie and Glenn Woods
Sandy Woodson
Carol Woodward
Adam Woss
Billie Yeager
Mary and William Zagotta
Lori Zajac
Lucy and Fred Zapf
Kathleen Zeidel
Judy Ziccardi
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