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African Wild Dogs African Wild Dogs

African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Click to see more.

African Wild Dog

Lycaon pictus


Canidae, the dog family.

Conservation Status



Southern Africa, East Africa, and scattered throughout the Sahel.


Desert, grassland, savannah, and sometimes arid forests.


African wild dogs’ large, round ears allow for excellent hearing that is vital to the pack hunt, but they also serve as radiators of heat in a hot climate.

African wild dogs are pack animals. Females leave the pack when mature and males typically stay with their pack.

Their unique coat patterns, specialize pack communication and teamwork have made them one of the most successful hunters in all of Africa, with a 70%-90% rate of success.

African wild dogs are threatened mainly by habitat loss, which has led to human-wildlife conflict. Wild dogs are also susceptible to diseases carried by domestic dogs, such as distemper and parvovirus. The Living Desert actively supports African wild dog conservation efforts through the Painted Dog Conservation organization.

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