The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild.

Monday Minute

Education in the Time of COVID

Elise Shtayyeh, Education Program Coordinator February 8, 2021

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens’ commitment to education remains steadfast despite the year’s changes due to COVID. With schools going virtual and buses parked, The Living Desert took the opportunity to adapt and change the way we engage with schools, educators, and students. 

The Challenge:

With classes now hosted in a virtual setting, on-site field trips remain paused.

The Solution:

Bringing the Zoo to School with our new Virtual Field Trip Program!

The Living Desert’s Virtual Field Trip Program teaches scientific concepts and conservation topics, while sharing stories about the amazing plants and animals of the Zoo. Using Next Generation Science Standards, each Virtual Field Trip is curriculum-based and gives students the opportunity to experience the desert in a new way. The current series includes topics such as: animal & plant adaptions and keystone species.

The Living Desert’s long-standing partnership with local school districts and teachers helped to build the topics and program ensuring the Virtual Field Trip topics were fun and interesting, while also meeting the curriculum standards. Now, educators can bring their virtual classroom to life with a free virtual visit to The Living Desert. Each Virtual Field Trip includes “pre-visit” toolkit, the virtual field trip video, and corresponding workbook materials. The videos highlight not only the amazing plants and animals that call The Living Desert home, but also the Zoo’s conservation projects to teach STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) concepts.


Our endeavors to educate children in the conservation projects at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens are twofold: to create future conservationists and to create agents of change. We hope that through our videos and future content, we can capture the hearts and minds of future conservation leaders. People tend to protect what they love, and we are hoping that through our education programs, we can help young people learn to make connections with the desert. Thereby, facilitating a love for the desert and its inhabitants.

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