Speaker Series Brooke Bessesen

December 13

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Speaker Series - Brooke Bessesen

December 13, 12pm, Tennity Boardroom

ENTANGLED: A Deep Dive into the Vaquita Crisis. Join us for a unique Speaker Series event with researcher, Brooke Bessesen to here her talk about Vaquita conservation efforts.

When Brooke set out to write a book about the smallest cetacean, she had no idea how high the stakes would change. For 22 months, she followed scientists studying vaquitas and the organizations and honest fishermen facing grave risk to save these tiny porpoises. Attempting to reconcile the conflicts obstructing conservation amid rising violence and a plummeting vaquita population, Brooke found herself on a raw, personal journey to the doorstep of extinction. In this presentation, she shares stories from the field and helps clarify the historical and immediate forces driving a species to the brink. After her talk, she will be signing her new book, Vaquita: Science, Politics, and Crime in the Sea of Cortez.