Bat week with The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Bat week with The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Bat Week

October 31

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Bat Week

October 24 - 31 | Virtual Event

Mark your calendars to commemorate one of nighttime’s most misunderstood creatures—the bat! Bat week is October 24 - 31, and throughout the week The Living Desert will be going batty for bats. We will debunk myths, make crafts, and film a special Facebook Live using bat detecting equipment. Don't snooze on the fun celebrating this fantastic flying mammal.

  • In case you missed the Facebook Live Bat Chat Panel, you can still access it here! Watch Now>>
  • Follow along on our Instagram for batastic trivia all week long!
  • How can you help? Adopt a Bat! By supporting The Living Desert’s conservation efforts through the sybolic adoption program we can save and protect wildlife around the world. Adopt Today>>


  • bat facts

    Bat are the 2nd largest group of mammals in the world (rodents are #1)

    · Bat are not rodents – they are more closely related to humans than to rodents.

    · Bats are found on every continent except Antarctica

    · The average bat lifespan is 20 years in the wild

    · In some bat species, males sing to attract mates and defend territories

    · Most bats only have 1 pup at a time = one of the slowest reproducing mammals for their size!

    · A bat pup can weigh up to 1/3 of the mom’s weight = human having a 40 pound baby!!!

    · Bats help raise other’s young – it takes a bat village!

    · Bats nurse their pups

    · Bats snuggle – it helps them stay warm – often several mothers and young will huddle together.

    · Pups often hang from their mother’s furry belly!

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