Earth Day at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Earth Day at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

Earth Day & Party for the Planet Challenge

May 20

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Party for the Planet Challenge 2022

It's a party with the best purpose... keeping wildlife wonderful! Beginning on Earth Day (April 22) and running through Endangered Species Day (May 20), The Living Desert will be hosting a Party for the Planet Challenge.

We’ve curated a list of simple yet admirable actions and we invite you to pick which one you’re most able and interested in doing, submit your formal pledge, and make a difference! Plus, you'll have the chance to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with the winning team’s endangered species mascot.

How it works:

1. Choose your team: Join one of our five challenge teams: Team Black Rhino, Team Desert Tortoise, Team African Painted Dog, Team Monarch, or Team Yellow-Footed Wallaby. Each team is represented by an endangered species that highlights a different critical cause, like sustainable resource use or protecting and restoring natural habitats. Learn more about the five challenge species and choose your team down below!

2. Make your pledge: When you select a team, you’ll be directed to an online pledge platform, where you’ll find options for conservation actions that will directly and positively impact your team’s species. Be sure to click through to the very end of the pledge platform and complete your official pledge by clicking “Submit.”

3. Take your conservation action: Now it's time to complete your pledge with the action you chose. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve packed the pledge platform with plenty of resources to help make taking conservation action fun and easy.

4. Let us know: Once you complete your your chosen conservation action, go back the pledge platform (click on your team animal down below) and upload a photo or video to show how you did it or what you learned!

5. Pass it on: Share the Party for the Planet Challenge with your friends, family, and followers. The more people that sign up for your team, the more points that your team will earn! Plus, the only way for us to save this planet, its people, and its wildlife, is by working together.


Did we mention there's a grand prize?

Each team will earn points for the following actions:

  • A guest signs up to join the team 
  • A guest pledges to complete one of that team’s specific conservation actions
  • A guest provides proof of their completed conservation action

At the end of the challenge, points will be counted and the team with the most points will win! All of that team’s members who have completed their chosen conservation action will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience with that team’s endangered species mascot.

The winning team will be notified via The Living Desert’s social media pages. The winner of the behind-the-scenes experience will be notified via e-mail. Thank you for partying with us and helping us save this planet and its wonderfully wild life!

Questions? Please call (760) 346-5694 ext. 2506

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