Hospital/Quarantine Care Keeper

Job Description
Job Title:      Hospital/Quarantine Care Keeper
Division:       Animal
Department: Veterinary Care Services
Level:           5
Exemption:  Non-exempt
Level of Authority:
Reports to:     Veterinarian, Hospital Supervisor/Veterinary Technician
Supervises:    Volunteers

Position Summary:
The Hospital/Quarantine Keeper is a front line staff responsible for the daily care of the hospital and quarantine animals and is considered a member of the Animal Health Team.  This includes the hospital and quarantine facilities and is considered a member of the Veterinary Services team.  This keeper is a motivated, energetic and positive team player who is willing to make a significant contribution to the organization. This position may also assist the Veterinarian and Veterinary technician in the performance of their duties.  The veterinary services team is considered the primary animal health team for The Living Desert animal collection and Rehab facility.

* The animal health team endeavors to practice state of the art veterinary medicine and maintain high standards of veterinary professionalism.
* The animal health team must have great enthusiasm for the profession of zoological medicine.
* The animal health team must have strong ethic and team-oriented work style.
* The animal health team performs all job assignments with a positive attitude that will move The Living Desert forward into the future.

This person must have the ability to make good decisions regarding the welfare of animals, staff and guests.  This person will support the Zoo in our mission “to support desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation” and will help the Zoo achieve a forward thinking vision of a modern zoo and inclusive culture.

Specific Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

Specific Skills:



Equipment Used:

Physical position Description:
Essential Physical Tasks: Standing, walking, twisting, climbing, crawling, kneeling, reaching motions, lifting (up to 50lbs.).
Typical Working Conditions: Exposure to extreme heat, chemicals, and dust/airborne materials. Works with potentially dangerous animals (large ungulates, carnivores, venomous animals).
HOLIDAY WORK: Holiday, Evening and weekend work required. Available on as needed basis for emergencies.
TRAVEL: Occasional conference and workshop attendance available, if funding available. Some or all expenses paid.

Interested candidates please send resume to:

This class specification should not be interpreted as all inclusive. It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job. The incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification.

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