Rhino Savanna Coming Fall 2021 Rhino Savanna Coming Fall 2021

Opening November 2021 Rhino Savanna

About the habitat

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is preparing to unveil its biggest expansion to date – the Rhino Savanna!

Set to debut November 12, 2021, the new four-acre habitat will offer guests incredible opportunities to meet Jaali and Nia, a pair of African black rhinos. In addition to amazing encounters with unique antelope like klipspringer and waterbuck, a variety of birds, and fascinating subterranean animals including the naked mole rat. 

The expansive multi-species and state-of-the art habitat will highlight twelve species and will transport guests right to their own African safari, creating connections and fostering appreciation for Africa’s wildlife.  Thoughtful design, inspiring encounters, a deep commitment to conservation, and excellence in animal care are the cornerstones of this new expansion. The Living Desert actively participates in several conservation initiatives that support black rhinos in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Upon arrival, the black rhino will be the largest mammal at The Living Desert, weighing in at up to 3,000 pounds at maturity and standing around 5.5’ tall at their shoulders.

Mark your calendars for the opening of Rhino Savanna, November 12, 2021.


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