The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild.

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Let's celebrate World Wildlife Day

Amy Crabb, Senior Manager Development March 1, 2021

Every day at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens we celebrate the wildlife of deserts close to home and around the globe. Deserts are a magical place of hidden treasure and splendid beauty if only we take the time to quietly wait, wonder, and discover the secrets they hold.

World Wildlife Day, held on March 3, is a time for each of us to get curious about nature, and The Living Desert is the perfect place to do just that. We are your link to learning and caring about the plants and animals that call the desert home. Our natural habitats give an up-close experience with the most amusing birds, smallest insects, fastest creatures, and tallest mammals from around the globe. Interpretive signage opens a window to important information about the species, threats to their survival, and what we, as humans, can do to support the species. Unique from most other zoos, we pride ourselves on the 55 immersive gardens on site that offer visitors a walk through a variety of deserts around the world among diverse plant life.

Founded as a nature preserve over 50 years ago, The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens continues our rich tradition of preservation and conservation of the Sonoran Desert and beyond. As a conservation-first organization, we support and lead efforts locally including head-starting desert tortoises, breeding desert pupfish to rehome them into their native range, and habitat restoration across Southern California using native plants that we grow on grounds.

International conservation projects include efforts to train conservationists how to best learn from and engage with communities, to protect such iconic animals as the giraffe, black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, and the wild places they call home. As an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), we are proud to be in the top tier of organizations that contribute a percentage of revenue to local and global conservation partners and projects.

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day 2021, we encourage you to take a little time to explore your own back yard, a local trail, or visit The Living Desert. Enjoy the diversity of nature all around you. Learn something new about a plant or animal you see every day, plant a native species that supports the birds and butterflies in your own backyard, or share your knowledge and passion about the natural world with a friend. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is proud to serve the Coachella Valley as your conduit to supporting wildlife conservation locally and globally. Every little thing we do, when we do it together, can make profound and effective progress towards saving species from extinction.

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