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Bennett's Wallaby Bennett's Wallaby

Bennett's Wallaby

Bennett's Wallaby at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Click to see more.

Bennett's Wallaby

Macropus rufogriseus

Conservation Status

Least Concern.


This medium-sized wallaby is found in eastern Australia, from Queensland to South Australia. It can also be found in Tasmania.


Bennett’s wallaby inhabits eucalypt forests, coastal shrublands, and grazing fields.

Bennett’s wallaby is a member of the macropod family. Macropod means “large foot” and refers to a family of marsupials including kangaroos and pademelons native to Australia.

Well-developed males tend to be aggressive with each other and they fight by ‘boxing’. When these wallabies feel threatened, they stamp their feet to alert others. They can also communicate using their ears, scent marking, and some vocalizations like growling and hissing.

Bennett’s wallaby has grey to reddish fur coloration, white cheek markings, and a patch of reddish fur on the neck. It has a white or light grey abdomen and a dark brown muzzle. Its head-body length reaches up to 40 inches, males being generally larger than females. Its ears are longer in proportion to other wallaby and kangaroo species and can turn to the side, which contributes to its keen hearing.

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