Nature and Hiking Trails

Experience the untouched beauty of the Colorado Desert.

The Living Desert's Natural Sanctuary

Experience the serenity and raw beauty of the desert by exploring the Zoo’s 50+ desert gardens, featuring roughly 1,200 plant species!

The Living Desert's hiking trails are closed for the season and will re-open on October 1.

Hiking Trails

Experience the untouched beauty of the Colorado Desert.

Dive deeper into the wonders of The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Beyond our captivating animal residents and botanical wonders, we offer a pristine nature preserve waiting to be explored. Experience the serenity and raw beauty of the desert, and let nature’s whispers guide your journey.

Hiking Trails Operating Hours:

Oct 1 – May 31: 8am-4:00pm

*Closed: June 1 – Sept 30
living desert

Discovery Loop

Distance: 0.5mi

Accessibility: Flat and and sandy

Take a 15-minute peaceful stroll through desert woodland, where palo verde and smoketree create a serene backdrop. Along the way, enjoy the informative signs teaching you about the desert world around you.
Hiking Trail

Adventure Loop

Distance: 1.5mi

Accessibility: Relatively flat with gentle inclines.
Venturing deeper into the heart of the desert, this trail offers a climb to broad views of the San Andreas Fault. Along the way, you will even experience a desert wash or arroyo.
Hiking Trail

Wilderness Loop

Distance: 5mi

Elevation Gain: 736ft
Accessibility: Includes rock scrambling and steep inclines.
For those looking for a challenge, this long trail takes you through rocky areas and up to high spots with great views. Climb, scramble, and jump through boulders in the rocky canyons, reaching panoramic views that reward your efforts with breathtaking vistas of the Coachella Valley.

Safety First in the Desert

Your safety is our top priority as you discover the wonders of the desert. While embracing the beauty of our nature trails, it’s essential to prioritize your well-being. Follow our guidelines to ensure a safe journey through this delicate ecosystem, where your mindful steps help maintain its natural balance.

Bring 2 Quarts of Water
per Hiker

Stay on Maintained
Trails Only

Pack Out What You
Pack In

Dress Appropriately for the

Overnight Camping is Not

Trailhead Gate Closes
at 4pm

Do Not Feed

Hike at Your
Own Risk

Enjoy Wildlife from
a Distance

Mountain Lion

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