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Photo Credit: Wild Nature Institute

Protecting Wildlife in Tanzania

Through environmental education, the Wild Nature Institute works to protect wildlife in Tanzania. The organization developed a “Celebrating Africa’s Giants” educational curriculum, which focuses on the conservation of giraffe, elephant, and rhino — now available online and currently being used in schools across Tanzania, the U.S., and beyond. Wild Nature Institute also created “Juma the Giraffe,” a program to raise awareness about the population decline in Tanzania’s national animal.

Juma March
Photo Credit: Wild Nature Institute

The Living Desert leads the evaluation of all the educational programs by Wild Nature Institute by designing and interpreting impact assessment surveys to assess the program efficacy. As an example of the half-dozen projects the Zoo has helped WNI with, researchers at The Living Desert conducted data analysis to determine the impacts that the “Celebrating African Giants” program had on children in several schools in Tanzania. The evaluation highlighted the many successes of the program, including pro-conservation attitude changes, an increased sense of responsibility to protect wildlife, increased empathy for wildlife, and increased knowledge about wildlife. Results also indicated how the program can be refined, which will ultimately help improve the program for future students. In this way, The Living Desert is helping to improve conservation education and ensure that it leads to better outcomes for nature and people.

Photo Credit: Wild Nature Institute

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