Pollinator Pathways

Insect pollinators are under threat globally because of land use, climate change, and invasive species spread. For the Pollinator Pathway project, The Living Desert will grow native plants on grounds and then use them to create pollinator gardens and encourage the planting of native California plants in underserved communities in the Coachella Valley. Pollinator habitats were once common throughout the Coachella Valley, but many have been replaced by golf courses, agricultural areas, exotic home gardens, streets, and other developments. Native plant species in pollinator habitats have evolved to better withstand the effects of drought and generally require less water compared to many nonnative species. Through this project, The Living Desert helps local residents learn about the importance of drought resilience, water conservation, and native biodiversity by building a pathway for pollinators, like the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), across the Coachella Valley. These gardens will immediately increase the number of new resources for pollinators. As these plants disperse seeds, they will naturally continue to improve the local populations of these plants in the long term.

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