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Yellow-Footed Wallaby

Yellow-Footed Wallaby at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Click to see more.

Yellow-Footed Wallaby

Petrogale xanthopus



Conservation Status

Near threatened


Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia


Rocky outcrops in semi-arid areas


Yellow-footed rock wallabies are threatened by predation by foxes and feral cats, habitat fragmentation, wildfires, and drought due to climate change.

The yellow-footed rock wallaby lives among rocky cliffs, faces, gorges, and boulder fields. It is mainly nocturnal, sheltering in small caves, cracks, and crevices during the heat of the day.

Yellow-footed rock wallabies can jump up to 12 feet. They have strong back legs and long tails, which counterbalance as they dart among the steep slopes.

Also known as ring-tailed wallabies, the soles of their feet are rough and surrounded by coarse hair, helping them to increase traction and get a firm grip on the rocks. They can be identified from other wallaby species by their distinctive pattern of yellow and brown rings on their long tails.

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