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The Living Desert is pleased to be able to give back to the community by considering charitable donation requests from qualified organizations. It is our policy to reserve the right to grant or deny any donation request. Please keep in mind that we receive numerous requests, and while each request receives careful consideration, we regret that we are unable to accommodate all of the organizations that merit our assistance.

The following groups are not eligible to receive complimentary pass donations:

Please note

Due to the large number of requests we receive, please allow 45 days for us to review and process the request. Notice of our decision will be sent within 45 days from event date; we are unable to respond to follow-up emails or calls. All requests must be sent through the online form provided below. Phone, email, mail and drop-in requests will not be accepted.

Tell us about the organization
Tell us about your event/fundraiser
We are a 501(c)3 and have paperwork to prove this
We are a school or government agency
We are a for-profit entity, we are NOT a 501(c)3
Humanitarian goals: homeless, low income families, at-risk youth
Health: community health, hospitals, clinics, prevention and research
Education: in classroom, especially with emphasis on conservation or animal studies
Animal Health or Environmental Health
Conservation: especially local projects that protect the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest
Youth Sports: we will grant these requests on an individual basis (we do not have the capacity to support all youth team sports requests, thank you for understanding.)
PTA: Please emphasize how your event supports and shares the zoo's mission

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