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The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens, Wonderfully Wild.
Elephant Tree, Torote Colorado at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. Click to see more.

Elephant Tree, Torote Colorado

Bursera microphylla


Burseraceae, Torchwood Family


Tree, shrub; sarcocaulescent


Southeastern California, southern Arizona, Baja California, west-central Sonora, Mexico


Rocky plains and slopes; Creosote Bush Scrub

Living Desert Location

Vizcaino Garden, Foothills of Sonora Garden, Yuman Garden, Wortz Demonstration Garden, Ethnobotanic Garden


As a member of the Torchwood family, or Burseraceae, which includes the plants that produce the famous Frankincense and Myrrh, the elephant tree also contains highly aromatic sap that has some history of use by man. It is reported that material from Bursera micophylla has been used for fuel, shampoo, medicine and paint.
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