The Living Desert

You Can Help

Did You Know:

  • Ravens easily open plastic bags and take-out containers to get our food waste 

  • When we feed wildlife, we cause more animals to exist than a habitat can healthily support 

  • The main threat to the desert tortoise boils down to humans and the actions we take 

  • You can help save the desert tortoise! 

It’s Time to Talk a Little Trash…

One of the easiest things you can do to help save the desert tortoise is to COVER YOUR TRASH. Securing our trash so ravens cannot access it discourages them from relying on human provided food sources. The less trash available, the fewer ravens will be able to use our food waste as their food source, and the more quickly we can restore a healthy balance in the Mojave Desert ecosystem. 


What You Can Do to Help Reduce the Raven Invasion


  • “Raven-proof’ your trash  

  • Stash trash in containers with tightly secured lids, and don’t pull it out until collection day 

  • Keep dumpsters closed and secured at all times! 

  • Reduce water run off  

  • Cut down watering times to avoid run off – ravens learn to use this as a regular water source! And, run-off means valuable water is not being used efficiently.  

  • Water early in the morning when soil is cool and most absorbent 

  • Landscape with native, desert adapted plants that don’t require heavy watering 

When Recreating Outdoors: 

  • Pick up trash – if you pack it in, pack it out! 

  • Food wrappers and ANY other trace of food will attract ravens 

  • Keep your food secure when eating outdoors 

  • When picnicking, keep your food secure – food left out in the open makes an easy snack for a raven.  

  • Ravens will hang out in areas where they know human food is available. We especially don’t want them hanging out in outdoor recreation areas where tortoises also live!  

In Your Community:  

  • Look for and support restaurants that keep their dumpsters closed! Let them know you appreciate their help in wildlife conservation.  

  • Encourage cities to require landfills to appropriately cover their waste to reduce raven attractants and keep our environment clean 

  • TALK TRASH with your friends, families, and co-workers! Together we can solve this challenge – and our community, environment, and wildlife neighbors will be better for it.  

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