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Make Your Pledge and Celebrate Earth Day With the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Make an Earth Day Pledge and Celebrate with The Living Desert


Contact: Casandra Staubo
Account Coordinator
(832) 229-6722

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is inviting the community to take a pledge to complete at least one new action to support wildlife conservation this Earth Day. By committing to small, yet admirable actions, participants can make a difference today and every day.

“While every day is Earth Day at The Living Desert, the official Earth Day on April 22 serves as the perfect reminder to protect some of our most valuable natural resources: plants and animals,” said Dr. James Danoff-Burg, Director of Conservation.” This year we are making it easy to participate and invite everyone to take a pledge, fulfill it, and share the commitment with family and friends, encouraging them to make a pledge too.”

From water conservation to combatting illegal wildlife trafficking, there is a multitude of small, yet impactful actions to select which collectively help make a big impact. The Living Desert has established six different Earth Day Pledge Teams, each named after a species that represents a critical cause and offer a variety of action items from which to choose:

Team Pupfish: Help restore and conserve our precious water resources.

Team Rhino: Help combat illegal wildlife trafficking.

Team Monarch: Help restore pollinator habitats.

Team Desert Tortoise: Help re-harmonize our relationship with urban wildlife.

Team Kookaburra: Help generate climate change action.

Team Mexican Wolf: Help encourage responsible food production systems.

Participants are encouraged to go online at //, join a team, make a pledge, and take action to help Mother Earth today and into the future.

“With almost 8 billion global community members, it can be easy to find ourselves feeling helpless when it comes to solving the socio-environmental challenges facing us all,” said Alex Ocañas, Conservation Social Scientist. “However, it is the collective impact those 8 billion people can positively have on the environment that keeps us hopeful. Join us for Earth Day 2021 and help do your part.”

The Living Desert is open daily from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Facial coverings are required for guests over 3 and advanced ticket reservations are required. For more information and advanced online reservations, visit

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